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1 Year Daily Audio Bible released a new episode

about 2 hours ago
Deut 13:1-15:23, Luke 8:40-9:6, Ps 71:1-24, Pr 12:5-7

TheTradingGame published a new curated list Best Australian Investing Podcasts

Yesterday at 00:00
A podcast list by TheTradingGame. "Need some investing inspiration? Here is our round-up of the very best Australian investing podcasts to help you become an investing super-star in no time."

TheTradingGame reviewed an episode

Yesterday at 23:42
So much fun being interviewed by you Jordon. Your insights are fabulous.

TheTradingGame reviewed a podcast

Yesterday at 23:42
Traders of Money with Jordon Mellor is the perfect podcast for traders looking to improve their skills and avoid costly mistakes. Jordon delivers practical advice and tips while acknowledging the challenges of trading. The diverse guests offer insights into various markets, making this podcast a must-listen for any trader looking to achieve success.

MT07 reviewed an episode

Yesterday at 23:21
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LTSings liked Lsted's episode review

Yesterday at 23:08
Please Heather, get a grip! Do not call the prosecuting attorney a chick! I'm all for Gwenyth. Your foul mouth does not add to your podcast, it shows you lack the verbatim to talk.
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Megalithicallstar reviewed an episode

Yesterday at 22:44
and the shoes on the shooter is different. puma brand when walking in the video and colorful vans brand when the shooter is on the floor. the address of the school is 33 teaching faculty is 33 it's all fake

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