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Podcast Alerts

Receive an email alert every time your search phrase is mentioned on a podcast episode.

The ultimate podcast monitoring tool. Use podcast alerts for...

People Mentions

Discover who's talking about you, your client, or someone you're interested in.

Trend Analysis

Track the podcasts and episodes that mention your topic of choice.

Brand Tracking

See how a brand or product is being discussed by podcast influencers.

News Alerts

Monitor podcast news sources to get the full picture of any news topic.

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Create an Alert

Choose a keyword or phrase to add to My Alerts .


Receive an Email

Get daily emails showing when your keyword or phrase is mentioned in a podcast.


Optimize Alerts with Pro

Get even more value from Alerts with Pro. See detailed demographics, insights and chart positions for each podcast.


Built on the powerful Podchaser podcast engine.

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Millions of Podcasts

Get alerts for new episodes from the most comprehensive, reliable and ever-growing database of podcasts and episodes available.

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Transcript Tracking

Podchaser monitors all podcast episodes through titles and descriptions for every podcast, and additionally on episode transcripts from the top 5k+ podcasts.

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Daily Notifications

We'll send you a custom aggregated email daily with details about the episodes that mention your topic or keywords, so you can see them all in one place.

Open up a whole new aspect of
media monitoring with podcast alerts.

It's like Google Alerts for Podcasts!

Brand Monitoring


Trend Analysis

"UK Politics"

People Mentions

"Elon Musk"

Competitor Tracking

"Ecommerce Software"

Testimonial profile

"As a new business owner, I am spending a lot of time searching for good connections to others who are doing similar work, or interested in my work. Using the Podchaser Alert changed the amount of time I need to spend on that aspect of my business. In just 3 days I had 4 solid connections and 2 new leads. I wasn't even sure I was using a good option for alert, but I am so grateful for this feature among so many others Podchaser offers."
Lorraine Connell
Educator, Leadership Coach & Podcast Host

Get Started

Simply head over to the My Alerts page and create a new alert to start tracking podcast mentions!

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Unlock more with Podchaser Pro

  • Audience Insights
  • Contact Information
  • Demographics
  • Charts
  • Sponsor History
  • and More!
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