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Podbean Integrates with Podchaser to Enhance Organic Discoverability

Podchaser is excited to announce our new integration with Podbean —  the podcast hosting and monetization platform. This integration allows Podbean users to quickly submit their podcasts to Podchaser directly from Podbean.

In the past, Podbean podcasts have been able to submit their podcast to Podchaser from Podchaser’s add a podcast page, but podcasters can now submit directly from Podbean with just one click. 

This new integration helps Podbean podcasters grow their listenership and connect with their audiences. After adding their podcasts to Podchaser, Podbean-hosted podcasts can claim their podcast to receive and reply to reviews, add creator credits, add custom categories, create lists, and more – boosting their organic discoverability.

How it Works

You can now submit your Podbean podcast to Podchaser’s database in just a few clicks.

  1. Login to your Podbean account.
  2. On the top right corner, click Podcast Dashboard.
  3. On the left hand column, click Distribution – Podcast Apps.
  1. On this screen, you’ll be able to easily submit your RSS feed to a variety of popular podcast directories. Click on the + sign to the right of the Podchaser logo.
  2. Review and confirm that your podcast meets all of the conditions in step 1. Select the checkboxes in step two. Take a moment to review the Podchaser terms.  You should agree to Podchaser terms and conditions before submission.
  3. When you’re ready, click Submit To Podchaser. 
  1. Your podcast has now been submitted to Podchaser. Once your podcast is approved and available on Podchaser, your Podchaser URL will be listed on this same page. You will also receive an email that contains your Podchaser URL. Once your Podchaser URL is listed here, it’ll also be reflected on your Podbean website. 

About Podbean

Podbean has been providing innovative podcasting and social audio services as an industry leader since 2006. Podbean integrates publishing, management, distribution, monetization and analysis tools into an easy-to-use podcasting platform. The Podbean community consists of over 600,000 podcasts, including corporate and organizational podcasts, and a rapidly expanding listener community on one of the top podcast apps for Android and iOS. Learn more at www.podbean.com

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