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New! Sponsors & Ad Spends: Exclusive Insight into the Podcast Market

Podcast sponsor history and data, including ad spends, is now available as an add-on to Podchaser Pro.

Brands and networks are always searching for information to better understand their market. Companies want to monitor current competitors, while also discovering new partners, sales prospects, and content acquisition targets. Until now, this information has not existed in one centralized space, leaving organizations to waste hours on incomplete solutions.

Today, Podchaser is launching Podcast Sponsors in beta so brands and networks can understand where podcast advertisers are spending their money. Bringing podcast sponsorship data to the Podchaser Pro marketing suite significantly increases the efficiency of podcast campaigns and monitoring.

Interested in Podcast Sponsors & Ad Spend? Contact us for beta access.

How it works

sponsors pro page

Podcast Sponsors and Ad Spend 

Users with the Podcast Sponsors beta add-on will unlock access to sponsor data for the top 5,000 podcasts and across 1,000 brands – including number of episodes sponsored, and estimated ad spend.

On each podcast’s Insights page, users can see the most recent sponsors of the podcast. Clicking “view all” will show a list of all past sponsors sorted by the number of episodes of that podcast that they’ve sponsored so far.

Episode Sponsors

Browsing the site, users will find the brand new Insights page on episode pages. Opening that page will show you which brands sponsored that episode.

Coming up: Brand Pages, Leaderboards, & More

This is just the beginning. We’re committed to adding more tools that help brands and marketers leverage the power of podcasting, including searching for specific brands, seeing the most prolific podcast sponsors, and much more. Follow us on Twitter for more updates.

Get the Sponsors Add-on

The podcast sponsors feature is an available add-on for existing Podchaser Pro accounts. Click here to request access to the beta.