Hellbound with Halos

Hellbound with Halos

Finals season in undergrad was ridiculously stressful. As an English major, finals weren’t tests as much as they were extensive papers in which you attempted to justify your existence by proving your ability to read and notice some things about a text. In between editing a fifteen-page paper and crafting a paragraph-long thesis the only thing that kept me sane was the company of my fellow classmates. We joked around together a lot and I appreciated it because we were all in the same sinking boat.

Kev and Sully started their show, Hellbound with Haloswith a similar kind of comfort in mind. See, the duo are firefighters from New York and, along with their co-host Crystal (a law enforcement analyst from California), want to make sure that people like them have somewhere to go to escape the intensity of their everyday lives.

We’re firefighters and we wanted to create something where – an outlet, per se – for firefighters, police, EMS workers, first responders in general, veterans, to go and listen to something to hopefully get their mind off of day-to-day work life. We have stressful jobs and it surrounds a lot of our lives, so to give them something to go to and listen to that they can relate to is something we were hoping to do.

However, when the trio found that their audience wasn’t made up of just veterans and first responders, they decided to broaden their scope a bit to include the general public. The show works hard to be relatable to anyone that tunes in.

We cover anything from everyday life. Like, our experiences in living life, family experiences in dealing with children as we raise families, to driving in bumper-to-bumper workflow traffic. As far as content, we hit everything.

The trio isn’t always alone in covering all the topics of daily life. Lately, they’ve had the pleasure of featuring guests from E.J. Snyder (the only man to successfully complete Naked and Afraid three times) and Dr. Chef (a gastroenterologist from the show The Doctors) to porn stars and strippers. The diverse guests make sure that things stay interesting and allow the trio to move from what is funny to what hits home hard, and in all of it, they’ve found a supportive audience.

A really cool thing I’ve learned about podcasting in our journey so far has been the amount of support in the podcast community… What I love about it is seeing how well the community stays tight-knit and helpful with each other and it’s not about competition, but making the podcast community better as a whole.

Kevin, Sully, and Crystal admire this commitment to improvement and are eager to help both in the podcasting and first-responder communities. They have begun producing a show under the  Hellbound with Halos title that spotlights businesses run by current or retired first-responders in order to support the people who have given so much to those around them.

Oh, and yeah, the title is exactly what it sounds like:

Pretty much everybody has said to themselves ‘I’m going to hell for this’ at one point or another in an action they take or decision they make… We’re going to hell but we’re good people.

So, if you can relate to that, are a civilian, a first-responder, looking for real people you can relate to, or want to de-stress, Hellbound with Halos is the show for you.


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