Comic Book Queers Legacy

In high school I was pretty much a complete nerd, but keeping my grades up and playing sports ate into my time to really buy into that nerd-dom and do it well. So I supplemented my nerdiness by basically being tutored by the people who did have time for the comic books, which is how I have gotten most of my invaluable information, possibly the most important of which was that the world of nerdiness was for anyone that was willing to buy in.

Brett Mannes and Evil Jeff have bought in and made the world of comics their home, and they’re excited to invite you along for the ride via Comic Book Queers: Legacy. But this isn’t quite like me and the guys at my lunch table. Brett and Jeff have a unique voice in nerd-dom as queer men, and they are excited to make sure that voice is heard.

This show started a while ago, back in 2007, and the reason I’m going backwards is that, back then, it was very rare for there to be queer voices in the world of comic books…” Brett explained. “And it was, and still is, really about amplifying and bringing the point of view of the LGBT community in the world of comic books and geekdom and just make sure that everyone knows that we have a voice and we’ve got a passion about it as well.

Born from the original Comic Book Queers, and with a mind to honor the original hosts and their work to promote queer voices, Legacy combines Jeff and Brett’s passions for comic books and all things nerdy with their perspectives as gay men. The goal is to remind people that nerdiness is meant for everyone.

We kiki in the interseXtion where comic books meet LGBTQ+. We may be gay, but this show is for everyone who loves geeky stuff!

And as wonderful as providing a voice for the entirety of the nerdy LGBTQ+ world is, Jeff and Brett also know that the show is an expression of their deep need to let out their geekiness with people who get it.

I am the only person in my friend group that reads comics,” Jeff told me. “So I’m basically just storing up as I read comics and I’m yelling at the comics and I’m like ‘what?! They’re saying Emma Frost did this? No!’ And then I can tell my boyfriend or tell someone and they’re like ‘okay, whatever.’ But I can then get on with Brett and he’s yelling just as hard back at me.

Having that person to share the experience of reading comics with and creating that kind of community is a huge focus in the show, since both hosts want the listeners to feel like they are just listening in on some old friends. And, as the show continues, Jeff and Brett are excited to share more and more of themselves – soon in acting out their favorite characters on the show – with their listeners.

So, if you love some comics, are a total nerd, want to get to know some really cool guys, or all of the above, Comic Book Queers: Legacy is the show for you.


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