Natch Beaut

My mom has always been a fan of audiobooks, which is why – while riding around with her – I have managed to read most of Jane Austen’s novels in their entirety. When I got this job she began to slowly incorporate podcasts into her listening regimen. The best part about this switch is when she gets excited about a show and tells me I just have to interview the creators.

One of the first shows that got my mom excited about podcasting was Natch Beaut, created and hosted by comedian Jackie Johnson. Luckily, I actually managed to get to talk to Jackie, so this one’s for you, mom.

Natch Beaut is on the Fashion and Beauty chart, so it is first and foremost a beauty podcast, but it’s also a comedy podcast. So, it’s a comedic take on beauty. It’s about self-care, makeup, skin care, but with a comedic twist.

Jackie is a self-proclaimed “beauty passionista,” and has decided to bring you along for the ride as she and other leaders in the beauty industry discuss what they’re “digging” at the moment in skin-care. Jackie has developed a “slumber-party” vibe on her podcast that mimics the conversations that led her to start the show.

I started the show last year… After guesting on a ton of podcasts and always having a good time and getting great feedback. And I wanted to do a show with sort of a girly twist and I used to do eyelash extensions as my side job. So through that job I would have two hour long conversations with women and we would always talk about makeup and skin care… I have just always been kind of into glam, so I thought that would be a fun conversation.”

Jackie loves talking skin-care, but she really loves cruelty-free products that are accessible for herself and her listeners. Making sure that the products she supports come from healthy and kind sources is vital, especially as her listenership continues to grow and she reaches more people.

I’m actually really happy with its success. A lot of people I know have podcasts and – the statistics are actually insane – less than one percent of podcasts get 1,000 downloads. So, the fact that anyone listens to Natch Beaut is shocking and I’m really grateful.

With those listeners have come a lot of support for Jackie and her work, but no level of success comes without naysayers. Jackie has learned to only let in what will help her make the show better instead of letting the people who disapprove distract her from her goals. And she really has to stay focused on those goals, with Natch Beaut becoming her full-time job and a woman-run independent business.

With everything she has in the works, you’ll want to keep an eye on what Jackie has going on.

I’m excited for [the show] to continue to grow. I’m excited for more guests and bigger guests…I have a list of my top people I hope I can get on at some point… just some of the people I would really love to talk to about their self-care.

So, if you like talking beauty, self-care, comedy, or you just really trust my mom’s judgment, Natch Beaut is the show for you.  


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