Quietly Yours

Brett Barnett is the guy I would have wanted to be friends with in my high school literature classes. Why? Because my teachers thought that making videos of the plays we were reading would be a “fun” final grade and I sucked at editing video. Brett would have been the perfect person to have in my group because he loves telling stories and he loves doing it through film. We would have aced lit for sure.

But when Brett hit a dry spell in his filmmaking career, he started looking at telling stories via his podcast, Quietly Yours.

It’s a horror anthology show. So, each episode tells its own, self-contained horror story. It varies quite wildly, one might be about ghosts, one might be about murder, anything and everything that falls into horror, usually with a twist ending in the style of The Twilight Zone.

Brett’s movement from film to podcasting required him to examine his storytelling – he couldn’t rely on what the audience could see but he also didn’t want long explanations of what the characters were doing – but it didn’t take long to find a format that worked for him.

There are a few that a typical, single-narrator kind of thing, but for the most part we try to stick to full-cast productions with two or three different actors taking on different roles.

Of course, the larger the cast and the bigger the story, the more hours that go into the show. Brett has found that while his experience making and editing film has helped him, the massive amount of time that is spent on every piece of making a show is still one of the most difficult parts of making the show.

On the upside, there are always benefits to making a show. Brett has loved the people he has gotten to meet when casting the episodes or creating the original music and has formed friendships with those who he now works with. But he also just enjoys being in the industry.

It’s taken me by surprise really, just how welcoming it is as a community. I don’t really see a lot of negativity from anyone in that community. It’s a very supportive kind of area. So it’s nice when you’re doing a project like this and you pour your heart and soul into it and then press upload and just hope that the world enjoys it and you get a flood of support from all these people.

That support has given Brett more and more confidence in the podcast medium and he is looking forward to growing the show.

I’m excited about what we could do if we were to sort of expand into other areas. One thing I would really like to do is release a spin-off sort of collection of short stories and sort of have it be a brand that tells horrors through several different media. I’d also really love to explore having a serial podcast someday.

So if you love horror and always need more of it, check out Brett on Quietly Yours and make sure to leave a review and let us know what you think!


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