Note to Scene

I distinctly remember the day that I found out what kind of music my friend Kenny listened to. We had been friends since kindergarten and I felt like I knew him pretty well: chill, quiet, good friend, loyal, nice guy all around. Basic dude, ya know? So when he pushed play on his workout music before his headphones were hooked up and emo screaming metal music came blaring full volume out of the speakers, I had to take a minute and process: real people enjoy that kind of music.

As a terribly basic radio-listener, my music knowledge and taster are not very high or well-rounded, which is partially why I was so excited to talk to Matt from Note to Scene. It’s high time I educated myself.

[Note to Scene] is basically a weekly news show covering alternative music and emo music, both hardcore music, metalcore music. Pretty much the intersection of all those things. The idea is sort of to do talk radio for the music industry.

Matt knows there are a ton of music interview shows, and wanted to add something with a lot more opinion to the mix. So they review albums and things that happen in the industry and refuse to hold back what they think about it. I mean, they were going to be talking about it all anyway.

Tyler and I would have these three-hour long calls just talking about the music industry. Music industry talk, music industry gossip, you know, what this band’s up to, what that band’s up to, what that label is doing. The kind of stuff that I thought actual music fans would be interested in hearing. That behind-the-scenes sort of gossip.

And so, Note to Scene was born. Of course, there was a learning curve getting the sound right and figuring out the editing process, but the show gained a solid fan base early and has continued to grow since then. Those fans are the reason Matt and Tyler keep doing it.

On every episode we put it out there for people to send us listener questions. And [a fan] sent us this email and she’s like ‘I don’t have a question, I just want to let you guys know that I’m in Australia and you make my commute to work so much easier every week…’ That’s the stuff that makes it awesome, that we’re affecting people’s lives from so far away.

Note to Scene has listeners all over the world and are really excited to be listened to and even disagreed with because it means other people care as much as they do. Which is comforting when the duo keeps going with the goal to always keep growing their audience.

One of the big reasons entering was that there was a big hole in the market. There’s a lot of music podcasts out there but most of them, it’s either a dude interviewing a musician or it’s a dude talking about an album and dissecting it.”

Matt thought there was room for a fun commentary and has started filling that gap. But making sure more and more people hear is always the focus. So, if you love the music industry, want the hottest gossip, or just want to listen to some guys that are really passionate about all of the above, Note to Scene is the podcast for you.


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