So I Married a Movie Geek

So I Married a Movie Geek


Movies are one of those genres that takes a lot of time to really know much about. There are hundreds of “classic” films in dozens of categories, and no one completely agrees on which ones have to be watched. Honestly, most of us just watch ones that sound interesting or the ones our friends bully us into watching because “you just have to see it.” Krissy found herself in that situation when she started dating Justin Winters, a major movie nerd that was shocked at how many films she hadn’t seen. After dating and then being married for nine years, Krissy has done some catching up via the couple’s podcast, So I Married a Movie Geek.

See, Justin grew up surrounded by movies. His dad owned an independent movie rental shop and Justin did his best to never leave, watching every film he could. Krissi didn’t know what she was marrying into really, but Justin was ready to fix the issue.

Almost as soon as they began dating, Justin realized Krissi “hadn’t seen a TON of popular movies most people had already seen.” The podcast was born out of wanting to “catch her up on this long list of movies she missed, but it was also just a fun hobby that we both enjoyed doing.”

Back in 2009, when the duo was starting their podcast, there weren’t a ton of couple’s podcasts. Really, all the movie podcasts were just “a few white guys talking about films they love” and really focusing on the more technical side of films. Justin and Krissy wanted to do something different.

Justin described the podcast as “a fun, irreverent movie discussion podcast that appeals to both movie fans and the people who love movie fans.” The couple focuses mostly on “characters and stories” and set the tone by having a few drinks before recording. All in all, it’s a “big, party-like atmosphere around the celebration of movies.”

Of course, there is a life outside of the world of podcasting. Justin and Krissi had to take a three-year gap from 2013-2016 “to have kids because that seriously depleted our free time. But we rebooted everything and brought it back after we missed it and all the fun we had. We’ve kept it going this long because we love doing it.”

Loving it is definitely a strong motivator, which is necessary when the show requires a significant amount of work. The major issue is finding time to watching the film (sometimes a few), think it over, record everything, edit it, and do the promotion work. Justin did say that “we’ve been doing it so long, it’s become second nature.”

There’s also life to work around, as the couple has “2 wonderful kids and a great but busy life.” But making the podcast ensures that Justin and Krissi spend quality time together in the midst of all that busyness. Growing together is awesome, and growing the show is the goal.

A few years ago, the duo “added a bi-weekly competition called Fantasy Movie Draft that gives us a break from the regular schedule.” The Draft also allows the two to bring on more guests and keep the show from becoming repetitive for new and existing listeners.

Beyond just trying to get their name out, Justin and Krissi also have a long list of movies they are excited to talk about. If you love movies, a good time, and a couple of cool people, So I Married a Movie Geek is a show you simply have to listen to.

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