Geeks Under the Influence

Mike “The Hobbit” Bickett is the founder of the Geeks Under the Influence Network, and host the Geeks Under the Influence Podcast.

1) In one sentence, what is your podcast about?

A rotating panel riffs on a different geeky topic each episode while discussing it’s merits, preforming scene readings, and pairing alcohol to the subject.

2) Who should listen to your podcast?

Geeks, Nerds, and the pop culture obsessed

3) How long have you been podcasting and why did you get into podcasting?

Our first episode dropped on 4/20/15 (about 3 1/2 years ago). I started Geeks Under the Influence as a means of finding a constructive and challenging hobby to help battle chronic depression.

4) What non-podcasting hobbies do you have?

I do stand-up, host trivia nights in Richmond, Va, Curate movie nights at a local brewery, write, go to live shows, and occasionally have a music project.

5) Tell us about your setup (recording equipment, studio, etc)! If possible, send a picture of yourself in action, using your setup. What is one show (other than your own) that you think everyone should listen to?

I record with a Zoom R16 Multi-track recorder with Shure SM58 mics. I’ve converted my dining room into the podcast studio




6) Create a list, using Podchaser’s “Lists” feature, of episodes from your podcast that new listeners should try first.


7) Anything else interesting you’d like to share

Geeks Under the Influence has morphed from a single podcast into a network of currently 7 shows run by regular panelists of the original podcast. GUI Podcast has provided celebrity interviews, covered conventions/music festivals, and are currently of the top 3 finalists for the “Best Richmond Podcast” according to and the Richmond Times-Dispatch. The winner is announced at the end of October?

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