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I would love to just let you guys listen to the interviews I conducted for this piece rather than writing about them. Yes, I am a little bit lazy, but mostly I just want you to understand what it is like to listen to someone fit an immense amount of information in a tiny amount of time. That’s exactly what Curiosity Daily specializes in: giving you lots of knowledge in the smallest amount of time, and I got to talk to the show’s hosts – Cody Gough and Ashley Hamer, both of whom talk quite fast – all about it.

Cody explained the show for me a bit: “Curiosity Daily is a daily short-form science show. It’s less than ten minutes an episode and is released six days a week.” In those ten minutes, there are three stories: a hard science story, a science-focused life hack, and a wildcard that can be anything from science to history to news. Sometimes, Cody said, they will also add in a fourth story to reply to a listener question or to feature a special guest.

The show’s condensed format doesn’t mean the hosts are just spitting out facts as quickly as possible. “You also get a lot of personality from me and my co-host, Ashley,” Cody said. The duo banter about each topic and have heard from listeners that this is what really makes the show fun. The two hosts have plenty of time to build that kind of rapport as they have to put a lot of time into making the show.

The current short form of Curiosity Daily is not how the show began. Originally, Cody was brought in to do long-form interviews that mimicked the content already on the Curiosity website, but everyone involved quickly realized that a short form show would more closely match the intent of the website. But making the switch to short-form meant Cody would need some help, which is where Ashley came in.

As the editor of the daily short articles that Curiosity puts out, Ashley was the perfect person to help host the podcast, since Cody takes those articles and turn them into the scripts for the show. “I’m a lot more involved in the content side,” Ashley said, “and [Cody]’s a lot more involved in the production side.” The duo put a lot of time into making the show educational and fun for all audiences, despite whatever difficulty comes with that.

That difficulty looks a little different for the two hosts because they both do different things in creating the show. For Ashley the pressure comes in all the fact checking; she knows that their listeners range from the everyman to Ph.D. students and scientists, and they want to be entertaining as well as stand up to a critical eye from all of them. Cody, on the other hand, cited the work of scripting as particularly tiring because of the time and the type of writing required.

Despite the things Cody references as “a major grind,” both hosts love getting to put out Curiosity Daily. When I asked, Ashley said that answering listener questions is her favorite part of making the show. “I think one of my favorite parts of science is the little things that explain the day-to-day questions about how things work,” Ashley said, and answering those questions for their listeners is a lot of fun. Cody cited editing as his favorite part, mainly because it is the chance to creatively shape the show and make it even better.

Both hosts are excited about expanding the show, with Cody looking forward to becoming more and more unique from the website and Ashley excited to pursue the possibility of live shows. However, no matter how the show grows, they are most looking forward to sharing more science with listeners. So, check out Ashley and Cody on Curiosity Daily and be sure to leave a rating and review to tell us what you think!

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