Dating, Relationships, and Love Podcast

Dating, Relationships, and Love Podcast


I recently broke up with my boyfriend and, left with nothing to do most evenings beyond work and homework, I have been wondering if it was time to invest in some dating apps or other ways of meeting someone new. Of course, my roommates and friends were staunchly opposed to the idea, telling me it was incredibly dangerous and I would probably end up dead in a ditch. I haven’t downloaded the apps, more because I have no good headshots than any fear of impending doom. But my conversation with dating expert Tannesha Wood about her show, Dating, Relationships, and Love Podcast, has me reconsidering that choice.

Set in New York City, the show covers all things dating from all sorts of perspectives. Tannesha explained that “pretty much anyone with a story of love and relationships” is interviewed face-to-face and featured on the hour-long show. While originally Tannesha interviewed her friends about their experiences, she has branched out to people she met while she was out or who she’s spoken to the show about. Her podcast comes up a lot in conversation, probably because it ties pretty closely to her job as a dating coach.

If that title surprises you a bit, you’re not alone. As soon as I heard that was a real job I was wondering why I wasn’t doing it. Then I remembered how dysfunctional all my relationships have been and figured I should stick with interviewing people. So I asked Tannesha about her job and she said it “started with writing a lot of [online dating] profiles for my friends,” and making the podcast to keep people updated on her life. But after making her podcast for a little while she wanted to help more people, and the coaching was born out of answering listener questions and a passion to help people “find and maintain love.”

Of course, making the show comes with its own problems, and Tannesha pointed to the struggle of finding new listeners as the hardest part of making DRL. But that difficulty didn’t at all detract from how passionately she explained her favorite part of the show: “I just love talking to people.” Over and over again Tannesha says that the conversations boil down to one thing, and that’s that “at the end of the day everybody’s looking for love and they’re looking for connection.” Getting to help her listeners or her friends find that connection is what is so fulfilling about making the show, and Tannesha is excited to keep seeing those connections grow.

Going forward, Tannesha is looking forward to “utilizing video” to engage more fully with her fans. One of DRL’s unique features, she said, is that all of the interviews are done face-to-face in order to maintain a more genuine connection throughout the conversation. In 2019 Tannesha is excited to film those interviews and make them available for listeners in order to enhance their experience and hopefully grow the audience.

So, if you’re like me and would love someone to help you with the mess you call a love life, or you just enjoy a good story, listen to the Dating, Relationship, and Love Podcast and leave a rating and review to tell us what you think!

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