Game Make Corps

Game Make Corps

You’re a gamer from South Dakota with a Twitch stream. You really enjoy your channel and you go to a meetup run by the local discord. One of the guys from that meetup, also a Twitch streamer, suddenly appears in your comments suggesting you start a podcast together. Apparently, your stream makes him laugh a lot. He’s persistent despite you telling him you’ve never listened to a podcast and have no interest in making one. Eventually, the flattery convinces you and you help out.

This is neither the beginning of a romantic comedy or a murder mystery, it’s just how Bryce and Beckers started making their show, Game Make Corp. Bryce knew Beckers was hilarious and was sure that, with her help, he could make something really funny and fun to listen to. Once she finally agreed, the show was born.

We are a fictional video game company that makes up hilarious and bizarre video games every episode,” Bryce explained.

Both Bryce and Beckers spend a lot of time playing video games, but neither spend much time coming up with games that are actually plausible. Instead, they take the game idea as a starting point and run with it to the funniest conclusion. Of course, as the duo comes up on a year of making the show, it becomes harder and harder to come up with ideas.

You have a lot of good ideas right at the start, for the first few,” Beckers shared. “But after a while it’s really hard to come up with something that you haven’t done before or doesn’t already exist.”

That difficulty isn’t slowing the show down though, and from Friday the 13th Vs Home Alone to living as a chicken and having to shove eggs up your butt, games keep flowing. As the show grows, Bryce and Beckers are both looking forward to getting to do live shows and connect with their audience.

We did a live show once and actually I think that’s been my favorite part so far,” Beckers said. “We actually heard someone laughing in real time and I was like, ‘Oh, people don’t think this is stupid. This is fun.’ Someone actually laughed at us that wasn’t us.”

As an improv comedy show, it makes sense that knowing people think you’re funny is a huge reward. Bryce agreed that getting to make people laugh is easily the coolest part of making the show, and they’re excited to expand their show to make more people do just that.

We’ve kind of got these characters that we play. We’re the CEOs of this company and we’re all very egotistical and stuff, but Beckers suggested that maybe the company didn’t need two CEOs and maybe she was going to kill me off,” Bryce told me. “And that’s become a running joke… I’ve got some ideas of where that storyline within the improv can go.”

So, if you love video games, improv, funny people, and the possibility of fictional murder, check out Bryce and Beckers on Game Make Corp and leave a review to tell us what you think!

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