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This Podcast is Your Passport: How ‘The Globetrotter Lounge’ Helps Women Travel the World

In her podcast, The Globetrotter Lounge, Lisette Austin (aka Jet Set Lisette) shares every possible hack for women to travel all over the world both affordably and safely. We talked with Lisette about safety, women, and making travel attainable for everyone.

🌏 A Podcast to Get You Around the World

Lisette Austin (Jet Set Lisette), host of The Globetrotter Lounge podcast

I had this one professor in college that was super obsessed with Japan. It took most of a semester before we learned that he had lived there for a year after college, and it was kind of the first place he really visited outside of a small town in Kansas. At the end of the semester he encouraged those of us who were graduating to travel – just up and move somewhere. It would work out because it worked out for him.

Now, given that my professor was in his mid-sixties and lived in Japan close to forty years ago, I was quick to write off his suggestion as infeasible, and maybe I was right. Traveling with absolutely no plan isn’t easy, but learning how to travel wisely, save money, and see the world is definitely possible. That’s why Lisette Austin created The Globetrotter Lounge – to share all the tips and tricks that can make seeing the world an adventure not a headache.

✈️ Seeing the Sights with Jet Set Lisette

The whole thing began when Lisette didn’t think she could ever afford to travel as much as she wanted. She dreamed of seeing the world, but it just didn’t seem possible.

That’s when she discovered travel hacking. “I kind of blew myself away by getting a million miles in points in a year,” she said. Lisette, of course, then started to travel more and more and people started to ask how she was doing it.

From explaining to friends to teaching classes on travel hacking, Lisette’s passion to help more people travel kept growing and finding outlets. “The podcast came as the culmination of really wanting to build more of an audience, as I was branching out into doing more consulting outside of my city and because I was a freelance writer for years and I was a little fried on writing,” Lisette explained. After ignoring several suggestions to start a podcast, Lisette finally decided to do just that and The Globetrotter Lounge was born

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The Globetrotter Lounge is “basically conversations with women, who have found creative ways to travel more.” Lisette interviews “diverse women with all kinds of backgrounds” about all the ways they travel, from long trips to shorts ones, frequent trips to rare vacations.

“It really is a life-story format,” Lisette explained. The guests share their experience “including tips and resources, a lot of tips and resources, but also really getting at their whole trajectory… it’s a lot more storytelling.” Lisette doesn’t want the show to be a list of things to do, so the show educates through stories from women who are traveling the way listeners may want to

👩🏾‍✈️ Getting Women Moving

The show centers on women who travel and I was curious why Lisette decided to narrow her focus. She explained that someone at a networking meeting had suggested that focus and that she had considered narrowing further to women of color (like herself), but chose to stick with just women for the show. “I just love the idea,” she said. “And when it took off, a lot of women loved it.”

Lisette also said that in her workshops, “it’s predominantly women in the room,” because they want to figure out how to make traveling work. They may have kids or spouses or safety concerns but they still want to travel and The Globetrotter Lounge is showing listeners that women just like them are making traveling work with those same circumstances.

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Lisette has loved getting to make her show, citing the incredible women she has gotten to meet, interview, and learn from along the way as her favorite parts. Moving forward, she’s looking forward to integrating more solo episodes in which she gets to tell her listeners a little more about herself and hearing from those listeners to find out what they want to know about and add those into the podcast as well.

🧳 “The Globetrotter Lounge” is Your Podcast Passport

So, if you want to travel and don’t know how (or just love stories from incredible traveling women), check out The Globetrotter Lounge and be sure to leave a rating and review to let Lisette know what you think!

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