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#PodRevDay goes Global

This is a guest article by Stephanie Fuccio — host of the GeoPats Podcast and creator of the #PodRevDay movement.

#PodRevDay is a day each month (it’s March 8th this month) where we tell podcasters why we love their podcasts in a review and post it on social media with #PodRevDay for everyone to join in on the love. We got off to a bumpy start in January 2020, when my personal Twitter account was frozen but in February 2020 we hit a new stride for sure. In fact, our analytics tells us that there were hundreds of mentions and thousands of impressions.

This makes me happy, not because I love numbers (even if I kind of do), but because it means that many of you added genuine, heartfelt reviews to places like Podchaser, where people in any country, on any device can access the same reviews. Go ahead and read the reviews on #PodRevDay from previous months and you will see what I mean.

And this leads us to an opportunity for global dominance, errr, I mean inclusion!

🌏 Global Podlove with #PodRevDay

While I was preparing for the current #PodRevDay on March 8th, I noticed something lovely that led me to realizing that we have a global podlove opportunity available.

I found this post, in Italian, on Instagram from Maria Chiara of the podcast “Avrei qualcosa da dire Show” (a translation follows the image):


Google translation in English:

tuttifannullonipodcast: Good morning beauties!  (from the series “the weekend puts you in a good mood” 😅). Did you know that the 8th of every month is #PodRevDay?!

This hashtag originated in the United States (as usual🙄) and invites everyone to write a comment or leave little stars on the #podcasts you follow.

It can be a #evaluation on the podcast’s facebook profile or an app evaluation you use to listen to it or a story on instagram where you tag your favorite podcast.

Since even if I always ask you to leave me comments, I too am a listener and #pigra I rarely do, I decided today to participate in the #PodRevDay and to leave a comment on the profiles of some of my favorite Italian podcasts …. and you, want to participate ?? 💪 #spreadthelove

I also found this post on Facebook (a translation follows the image):


Google Translate shows this heartwarming version in English:

I ask you a minute of ATTENTION with a little idea to SUPPORT who like me carries out a podcast project.

👏 I thank Carmen Romano for the report!

🔉A podcaster in the United States launched the hashtag #PodRevDay in late 2019 in which it challenges listeners and other podcasters to write a PODCAST REVIEW every 8 of the month.

ℹ️ For the uninitiated, supporting a podcast is quite difficult. Not impossible … but if there is one thing that really matters to those who do it, it is having the opportunity to SPREAD his project and send a message to the listener.

⭐ Leaving a positive REVIEW to the shows we love (on their Facebook page or on Apple Podcast for example) costs nothing. But it is of great help to creators who in most cases sacrifice their free time to make high-level content FREE and FOR EVERYONE.

♥ ️ It is a personal and subjective choice of those who do it, of course.

But demonstrate, with a small gesture, that we APPRECIATE commitment and proposed contents …

It really helps a lot 🙂 #justspreadthelove


Now for the Opportunity

#PodRevDay started accidentally and quickly but now that we’ve gained some momentum I think it’s time to see how we can spread this outside of an English only language environment. So, I have a few thoughts:

Multiple Language Support

Podchaser is a great place for #PodRevDay because it supports multiple languages when leaving a review. (And if you see any issues, make sure to let the Podchaser team know)

Spread the Word Internationally

Who wants to help me spread the word about #PodRevDay in multiple languages? To be a collective experience, I do not want to split the hashtag into countries or regions because #PodRevDayItalia is a different search than #PodRevDay. So, let’s keep the hashtag the same BUT encourage more people who write in all of the other fascinating languages in the world to join us by making content in their languages to attract them to this event. It’s a big podworld out there, isn’t it? So let’s intentionally open this up and see who wants to spread the podjoy along with us.

Volunteer to Help

If you would like to volunteer to help me do the above language project, contact me here https://www.stephfuccio.com/contact.html

Thanks everyone. I am looking forward to reading your reviews on March 8th!

– Steph

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