Creator of the Day #25: Alex Murray

Alex Murray is the host of Mr Cool Guya stream of consciousness improvised comedy podcast about Beethoven’s demon fetuses, the people in our walls, underFlorida, Saving the Manatees, Historic Death matches, Baseball games between movie casts, cannibal festivals, sweet birds, boat rides, and 3D Herzog joints.

1)In one sentence what is your podcast about?

We are a stream of consciousness comedy podcast.

2) Who should listen to your podcast?

Anyone who likes to laugh at absurdity. If you like Comedy, Bang Bang! or would like to see what would happen if the McElroy Brothers were forced to stay in one bit for half an hour, you should listen. If you would be interested in watching the cast of Independence Day play baseball vs the cast of Jurassic Park, you should listen. If you read Garfield looking for hidden messages from other planets, you should listen. So, you know, casual drug users?

3) How long have you been podcasting and how did you get into podcasting?

As far as listening to Podcasts, it was the McElroys about three years ago. A friend sent me a bit and I laughed so hard that I went ahead and opened my podcast app to start listening to more of their stuff. Now, I listen to an ungodly amount of audio every week. I spend five or six hours on the subway some days. So, I just blast through podcasts. I’m a big Reply All fan. Love me a bunch of EarWolf stuff, and I’ve found a lot of indie casts through my online podcaster communities.
As far as producing goes, I am, among many other things, an NYC stand up comic. So, you have to have a podcast now. It’s a thing. I started by guesting on other podcasts. I’ve been a regular on a podcast called Unsung Heroes for about a year and a half. Then, 38 weeks ago, as of this writing, my oldest comedian friend and I just said, “Let’s just make a podcast” and that was our first episode. We grabbed a yeti mic and made up a conspiracy theory involving Jim Davis, the author of Garfield, General Lafayette, and aliens. If the audio quality wasn’t garbage, it would still be the episode I’d point people to. The original idea was to have a different concept every week. That ended up being too meta and we changed the name to Mr. Coolguy and started calling it “stream of consciousness” which really just means we start a bit and then spin it out as far as we can for thirty minutes. Sometimes it beautiful. Sometimes the train just derails and explodes into the side of a mountain, but we don’t edit anything in the bulk of the show. It is what it is.

4) What non-podcasting hobbies do you have?

Hobbies? Hell. I’m an actor, writer, musician, comedian. Most of that involves producing my own work. I’m always auditioning and submitting and trying to get booked on other folks’ projects. Thankfully, I have a great agent who does much of that for me, but I run a small kid’s sing a long empire. I produce a monthly stand up show. I write and produce shorts. I have a pilot series streaming on Amazon Prime and a few pilots being shopped around. I had a twitch channel for a minute (looking to start that up again). *bangs head on desk repeatedly* 
But! for two glorious 6-8 hour sessions a month. I play a gnome cleric named FungDark in a campaign with some actor friends. No recording. No audience. Just playtime. It’s amazing. I also Love my dog and my house plants quite a bit. I think that counts. 

5) Tell us about your setup (recording equipment, studio, etc)!

I started out using some crappy condensers run through a mixer and then an interface into GarageBand. That was a nightmare. We leaned into the standup aspect of what we do and now I run two Sure SM 48’s through a Scarlet 2i2 and it works pretty well. A couple wind screens on the mics let us walk around the room and move like we’re on stage without any horrid background noise, and the active mics are way easier to mix. I record in garage band with two channels and our editing process is very minimal. I just drop intro and outro music and leave the main audio alone.

6.What is one show (other than your own) that you think everyone should listen to?

I’m gonna go indie on this one. “Talking with Dinosaurs” by Stefan Ayto. It’s great. This goofy New Zealander releases a BiWeekly podcast focusing on one species of Dinosaur. He mocks the frankly absurd shortcomings of paleontology while also respecting it’s triumphs. If you dig Flight of the Concords and Jurassic Park. This is the podcast for you.

7) Create a list, using Podchaser’s “Lists” feature, of episodes from your podcast that new listeners should try first.

8) Anything Else Interesting you’d like to share.

I feel like I’ve rattled on for a hot minute here. The interesting bits are my life in New York and the hustle here. I could talk about all of it ad nauseam.
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