Creator of the Day #9: Mark Askew

1) In one sentence, what is your podcast about?

ApexThis Podcast is a behind-the-scenes look as I create my own production & publishing side business. It’s like Startup, but with no money.

2) Who should listen to your podcast?

Those that are looking to start their own side-business and or are curious what challenges or obstacles others face as they try to launch a side-business.

3) How long have you been podcasting and why did you get into podcasting?

I’ve been podcasting for 3 years. I got into podcasting as a way to provide information quickly to my user group as we were not able to cover their topics in our monthly meetups and webinars. Despite being a long-time listener, podcasting sparked the idea of bringing my writing to audio.

4) What non-podcasting hobbies do you have?

I like cycling, writing, reading, and attempting lettering/typography though I am still a novice.

5) Tell us about your setup!

I use the following: AKG P420 microphone, Scarlett2i2 audio interface, Sony MDR-7506 headphones & Adobe Audition

6) What is one show (other than your own) that you think everyone should listen to?

The Truth – Super tough, but I love anthology series and fictional podcasts and when you add them together, you get The Truth by Jonathan Mitchell. Runner up is Hardcore History. I love stories!

7) Anything else you’d like to share?

I founded and run the Austin Podcasters Meetup providing local podcasters with monthly meetups and workshops to learn and talk about all things podcasting.

Mark created this list of podcast episodes if you’d like to try his show!

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