Five Educational Podcasts for Your Commute

Gotta get to work, but also want to learn something on the way? These five educational (and short) podcasts are perfect to give you something smart to say around the watercooler that will impress your coworkers and probably get you a raise.


Every Little Thing

Do dogs have belly-buttons? How do underwater tunnels get built? Every Little Thing takes questions from callers about anything and everything, and explores the answer in less than 30 minutes. If this podcast inspires your curiosity and leaves you with your own unanswerable questions, call in yourself at (347) 464-9626.


60-Second Science

If your commute is too short for 60-Second Science, you must work from home. And if you listened to 60-Second Science, you would have already learned that working from home saves you money. This podcast has ultra-bite sized episodes and features interviews with prominent scientists, new research studies, or science news.


Seven Minute Explainers

Seven Minute Explainers exists to address complex topics in concise ways. It responds to unique (and sometimes controversial) material like whether God had a wife, why multivitamins are useless, and how new tech companies become monopolies. This podcast takes all the questions you’ve wondered but never looked into yourself, and presents the facts in – you guessed it – seven minutes or less.


The Savvy Psychologist

If going to therapy seems like too much of a commitment, try The Savvy Psychologist. Actual doctor Dr. Ellen Hendrikson spends 15-20 minutes talking about the science behind our mental health and relationship problems. She addresses problems like defensiveness, procrastination, how to not cry when your coworker gives feedback, but also gives you the tools to deal with them.  


The Allusionist

If you’re a huge nerd who’s into words, try The Allusionist for your morning drive/ride/walk to work. Each episode can teach you something about the way our culture intersects with language in under 30 minutes. All kinds of word knowledge is to be found here, like the history of swearing or why white people say ‘namaste’ in yoga classes.

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