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Podchaser Announces 21 Data Partnerships to Enhance Podcast Discoverability with Universal Credits

Podchaser is thrilled to announce key partnerships with top podcast apps, platforms, and networks to enhance discoverability for listeners and properly recognize podcast creators. In the coming months, podcast apps will begin to display Podchaser credits and utilize these credits in search algorithms.

Creator profiles launched on Podchaser in December 2018 with a crowd-sourced credits system to build a comprehensive database of podcasting credits. Since this release, over 2 million credits (as of March 2019) were added for a variety of roles including hosts, guests, producers, editors, voice actors, composers, writers, and many other roles that contribute to the creation of a podcast.

For podcast Creators, this is a meaningful step to enhance discoverability. Credits will be used in recommendation and search algorithms, and this summer Podchaser will unveil the ability to “Follow” a podcast Creator, including notifications for guest appearances.

Player FM displaying Podchaser credits

So, for the first time ever, all podcast Creators are getting the credit they deserve. Podcast apps are taking notice, and many will utilize Podchaser credits as early as Summer 2019.

Several podcast apps are committed to utilize the Podchaser API to display credits and/or Podchaser ratings in 2019 including RadioPublic, Player FM, Castbox, Himalaya, Bullhorn, Procast, and Entale.

Podchaser’s podcasting credits and ratings add a critical layer to podcasting, beneficial for podcasters and listeners alike. It improves the experience for seasoned listeners and those discovering podcasts for the first time. We’re excited to weave this unique information that enhances podcast discovery into our RadioPublic consumer experiences.

Matt MacDonald, Co-Founder at RadioPublic

Bullhorn.fm is excited to be partnering with Podchaser to help give our users access to quality sources of reviews and information of the podcast community.

Sam Petralia, Director at Bullhorn.fm

Using a unique Podchaser ID assigned to every Creator profile on Podchaser, podcasters can add credits for specific episodes directly to an RSS feed. Hosting platforms committed to support Podchaser credits in 2019 include Captivate, Simplecast, Transistor, Fireside, TalkShoe, and Podiant.

Podcasting is made up of passionate voices striving to be heard. Podchaser brings a voice to the unsung heroes of your favorite shows and breathes life into the whole team behind a podcast, not just the hosts that you’re so used to hearing. It’s the perfect way to track the people that you love, either in-front of, or behind the mic!

Mark Asquith, CEO & Founder of Rebel Base Media

We know podcasting takes a village, which is why Simplecast is eager to integrate our new contributor features with Podchaser to acknowledge and celebrate the collective effort that goes into the podcasts we love. In providing fans and creators access to these details, we all benefit from a deeper understanding of this medium, and the audio professionals behind it.

Dane Cardiel, Director of Partnerships at Simplecast

Podchaser’s Creator program helps introduce new listeners to shows they’re already going to love, based on the hosts and guests they already follow. We’re proud to incorporate creator linking into our RSS feeds, and support more open sharing of information to help aid the discovery of independent content.

Mark Steadman, Founder at Podiant

Other services taking advantage of Podchaser’s unique dataset includes Podnews, Podrover, TeePublic, Hellocast, The Bello Collective, Discover Pods, Earbuds Podcast Collective, and Interview Valet.

By pulling together the creators responsible for great podcasts, Podchaser offers a unique and welcome service to podcasting. Podnews links to Podchaser from our podcast pages whenever we mention a podcast in our free daily newsletter.

James Cridland, Editor at Podnews

Podchaser is a great complement to Podrover. Our customers will now have a complete overview of their podcast reviews and will save even more time in collecting feedback from their audience.

Cesare Rocchi, Founder at Podrover

Universal podcasting credits are an essential building block for recognition, transparency, and podcast discovery. The latter of which Discover Pods holds close to our heart and is trying — in our own way — to help fix.

Kevin Goldberg, Founder at Discover Pods

Podchaser Creator profiles make it easy for the Bello Collective’s readers to find out more about their favorite podcasters, and they let us give podcast makers the credit they deserve. It’s a win-win-win for our publication, our readers, and the makers whose work we share!

Galen Beebe, Editor at The Bello Collective

Podnews and Podiant are live with these data integrations today with the rest expected to go live Summer and Fall 2019. See the Reply All podcast page on Podnews as an example for how credits are being displayed.

Are you a podcast creator? Add your Creator profile on Podchaser today so your profile and credits are properly represented.

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Are you a podcast app or hosting platform? Email Cole Raven ([email protected]er.com) for more information on the Podchaser API to access or contribute to credits, ratings, reviews, lists, and more.

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