Cameo’s Abigail Sheppard joins Podchaser as Advisor

Cameo’s Abigail Sheppard joins Podchaser as Advisor

Podchaser is thrilled to announce that Abbie Sheppard is joining our advisory team! Abbie is the Head of International Business Development at Cameo, the personalized video shoutout platform that recently raised a $50 million Series B. At Cameo, she has been instrumental in scaling the talent roster to over 21,000 personalities producing over half a million videos.

“Podchaser is the most exciting platform in podcasting,” said Abbie. “I’m a huge podcast listener and I love Podchaser’s ability to effectively organize the wealth of data into powerful new tools for discovery and connection.”

“Abbie’s experience in cultivating relationships to empower the burgeoning creator class makes her a natural fit for Podchaser’s vision for podcasters ,” says Bradley Davis, CEO of Podchaser.

Q&A with Abbie Sheppard

We’re excited to bring Abbie on board and wanted to better know her podcast tastes, so we put together a quick Q&A:

What is your favorite podcast of all time?

Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman. When I moved to Chicago, I really had no experience in the tech industry or start-ups – Arthur (COO at Cameo) recommended Masters of Scale and it’s been one of the most fundamental podcasts.

What year did you start listening to podcasts?


What was the last podcast you listened to?

20 Minute VC, hosted by Harry Stebbings. He recently interviewed Ashton Kutcher on his fundamental lessons investing in Airbnb, Spotify, and Skype. Definitely one to give a listen to.

What is your favorite candle scent?

Black Tea Candle from Murdock London. I was in an argument with my ex-boyfriend once and he brought it home from his haircut. I guess a candle is the way to win me over.

At what speed do you listen to podcasts?

Depends on the podcast but most of the time it’s 1x. I normally listen to podcasts while I’m doing other things so anything faster and I don’t think I’d register any of the information.

What’s a podcast that made you think?

In the last few months, I’ve also tried to incorporate a couple of wellness focused podcasts. Jay Shetty’s podcast with Arianna Huffington last summer was sleep-focused, something I definitely don’t value. I don’t think it necessarily helped me sleep more but it definitely made me incorporate a couple of lifestyle changes to become a little more productive.

Earbuds or Headphones?

I am such a sucker for Apple technology. I physically cannot function without my AirPods these days.

P.S. Unfortunately, I’m on my 3rd pair so if Apple could bring out a keychain or neck chain, so I don’t keep losing them. That would be greatly appreciated ha.