Creator of the Day

Podchaser is an agnostic destination for podcast discovery. We’re here to help users on every platform listen and discover new favorite shows; that’s why we have features like Play With, Lists, and Shareable Reviews. And it’s why we feature a variety of podcast Creators with Creator of the Day!

If you want to be our featured podcaster on our social channels and participate in a live Facebook interview with us, here’s how:

Step 1: Claim Your Podcast

If you’re a podcast creator and you haven’t claimed your show on Podchaser, what have you been doing? Pull up your show’s page on Podchaser and navigate to the Claim Podcast button. Click it and follow the prompt that pops up. Once claimed, you can change your vanity URL, add a custom Podchaser badge to your podcast’s website, update your website and social media information, and manually refresh your podcast’s feed.

Step 2: Submit a Photo and Bio

Once you’re legit with your claimed podcast, email a candid photo of yourself and a brief bio to Include the answers to these prompts along with your picture and brief bio:

  1. In one sentence, what is your podcast about?
  2. Who should listen to your podcast?
  3. How long have you been podcasting and why did you get into podcasting?
  4. What non-podcasting hobbies do you have?
  5. Tell us about your setup (recording equipment, studio, etc)! If possible, send a picture of yourself in action, using your setup.
  6. What is one show (other than your own) that you think everyone should listen to?
  7. Create a list, using Podchaser’s “Lists” feature, of episodes from your podcast that new listeners should try first.
  8. Anything else interesting you’d like to share!

Then hit send! Your show will be added to our queue, and soon we’ll be sharing your show with our thousands of social media followers!