Introducing Saved Searches: Revisit your favorite search and filters

Introducing Saved Searches: Revisit your favorite search and filters

Podchaser adds a new saved search feature that lets you bookmark your favorite search and filter criteria, so you can revisit them whenever you want!

Podchaser’s powerful search and browse features are getting a whole lot better with the addition of saved searches! You can now save your search/browse criteria — including search terms, filters, and sorting — making it super easy to revisit your favorites and see what’s new. We’ve also made it easier to share your searches with new custom URLs.

Saved searches can be used on everything you can browse on Podchaser, including podcasts, episodes, lists, creators, and users.

How it works

To get started, perform a search or add a filter on a browse page like

  1. Hit the “save search” button. 
  2. Name your saved search
  3. Your saved search will be instantly added to your “My Saved Searches” library.

Click or copy your saved search to revisit the page. The results will display the latest data, so you can easily see what’s new.

Ideas for saved searches

There are so many ways you can use saved searches; here are a couple of thought starters to get the creative juices flowing!

New podcasts per hosting provider

Revisit your saved search to see new podcasts hosted on a specific platform.

Set up


New Buzzsprout Podcasts

New episodes that mention your search term

Revisit your saved search to see new episodes that mention your specific search term such as a brand or topic.

Set up

  • Search episodes by a specific search term (tip: put your search term in quotes for extra accuracy)
  • Sort by new


Podcast Movement Mentions

Find creators who work for a specific company

Revisit your saved search to see new creators who’s bio mentions a specific company.

Set Up

  • Search users by a specific company name
  • Sort by relevancy


Creators at Wondery

Saved Search makes Podchaser Pro even better

Saved search can supercharge your Podchaser Pro experience. Here are just a few ways you can use saved searches.

  • Find up-and-coming podcasts: Browse podcasts, filter by high power score, and sort by new. Revisit to see new podcasts that are growing in popularity.
  • Find top podcasts in your niche: Browse podcasts within a category and filter by power score. Revisit to see influential podcasts that target niche.
  • Find podcasts that fit your demographics

More coming

We are working on awesome new features around saved search, including exporting and smart lists so stay tuned for future updates!