LSTN is a NEW Third-Party App Powered by Podchaser

LSTN is a NEW Third-Party App Powered by Podchaser

We are super excited to announce that Podchaser data is powering the new podcast app, LSTN!

LSTN podcast app powered by Podchaser.

LSTN is a brand new, third-party podcast app that leverages Podchaser’s unique database to deliver an excellent listening experience. From ratings & reviews to personalized recommendations, Podchaser helps LSTN focus on discovery.

And this is just the beginning. LSTN plans to integrate and sync further with Podchaser. Stay tuned to for more announcements coming soon.

🎧 LSTN is available now for iOS users and coming soon to Android devices.

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Learn More about LSTN

LSTN app logo - powered by Podchaser

LSTN is a podcast app devoted to discovery and privacy. App creator Ismail Pelaseyed described his intentions for the app in his Product Hunt launch:

“LSTN is my way of creating an alternative to the big podcast listening apps (Apple Podcasts, Spotify etc), focusing primarily on discoverability of new podcasts and privacy for listeners.

LSTN leverages the huge database of ratings and reviews, coupled with your interests to try and find new podcasts for you to listen to.

Podchaser ratings in LSTN app.

I also wanted to create a way for users to be able to use the app anonymously without any third parties, or myself for that matter, saving behavioural data for targeting ads etc. Which led to the decision to build an app that runs completely on the device.

LSTN - Podcast app powered by Podchaser

More to Come

We’re excited to roll out more and more Podchaser integrations and we want to know what you’d like to see. Let us know on Twitter or on our integrations page.