New Features! Follow with Twitter, Suggested Follows, Site Tour, Magic Links, and More!

New Features! Follow with Twitter, Suggested Follows, Site Tour, Magic Links, and More!

Brand new features added to Podchaser! In the latest Podchaser update, we’ve added the ability to connect your Twitter to follow shows and people. We’ve also added suggested follows for discovery, a brand new site tour, magic link login, and we overhauled our registration and onboarding process. Check it all out below!

New Podchaser Features

Follow with Twitter

Find podcasts and people based on who you already follow on Twitter!

Ok, this is cool! You can now connect your Twitter account and we’ll help you quickly find podcasts based on who you follow. Not only that, but we’ll find you creators, celebs, and other Podchaser users. 

Click here to try it out!

It’s easy to do, either click the banner at the top of your feed, or click “Get Started” in the more section of the trending sidebar (click the fire icon on mobile). That will open up the modal that has a tab to connect your Twitter account and pull in suggestions there. Connect and it will populate with podcasts, creators, and other users you can quickly follow. 

We’ve also added this to our onboarding process (see below), so it’s a seamless experience for new users.

Tip: Make sure users can find you and your podcast via this new feature by adding your Twitter handles on Podchaser. Click here to learn how.

Keep your eyes peeled as we’ll be rolling out Facebook connect and OPML import soon.

P.S. Follow Podchaser on Twitter for a good time.

Suggested Follows

Ooooh! Check out the trending sidebar on the Podchaser homepage (click the fire icon on mobile) and you’ll find our brand new suggested follows widget. There you’ll see podcasts, creators, and users to follow. Hit the “show more” button to see even more suggestions!

Site Tour

There is so much to do on Podchaser that it can be a bit overwhelming when you first get started, so we created a site tour on popular pages that shows you what you can do on the site. On these pages, you’ll see a card pop up at the bottom of your screen. Click the card to start your tour of that page.

Registration & Onboarding Overhaul

New users can get started with Podchaser in style with our brand new registration and onboarding process. A slick new UI makes registration a breeze and new users are able to quickly follow their favorite podcasts, creators, and friends. We’ve even included the aforementioned “Follow with Twitter”. Best yet, podcasters can claim their podcast as soon as they sign up!

Magic Link Login

Forgot your password or just too lazy to type it in? Don’t worry we’ve been there ourselves. That’s why we’ve added a fancy schmancy new magic link login! 

All you do is put in your email address and click “send me a magic link”. We’ll email you a temporary link that you can click to log into Podchaser. Easy-peasy! 

More features to come

The Podchaser team is working around the clock to help make it easier to discover great podcasts. So stay tuned as we’ll be rolling out more features soon! If you have any suggestions or feedback, let us know on Twitter, email us, or join the Podchaser Slack community.

Happy podcasting! 😎