New & Improved Search

You may have noticed things looking a bit different on the site. That’s because we’ve revamped our search! Based on feedback from you, we’ve made these changes to continue our goal in making podcast content stupid easy to find.

Want to check it out? Look for these changes below:

Quick Title Search

Immediately find the specific podcast, episode, or category you’re looking for in a quick drop-down result.

New Advanced Search

A new, shareable search results page with term highlighting.


Drill down into our deep dataset by filtering on attributes such as Release Frequency, Average Episode Length, Category, and more.


Share or bookmark your search results, including all filters and sort options.


We’ve optimized our search to make it faster than ever before.

Popular and Trending searches (coming this week)

Easily find podcasts based on current events or popular search terms, right from the homepage

After trying it out, head over to our Slack channel, email us, tweet at us, etc. Let us know what you like and what we can improve.

Coming up

Our next major feature release will be custom lists. A seamless solution to easily create, edit, and share lists of your favorite podcasts and episodes. We’ll keep you posted as we progress.