NEW Podchaser Features in December 2019 (and one from January 2020)

NEW Podchaser Features in December 2019 (and one from January 2020)

Happy New Year! Things can get pretty hectic in the mad dash to the end of the year, so in case you missed it, we wanted to rewind a bit.

Our elves worked tirelessly to bring you some NIFTY new Podchaser features in December and early January. Scroll down to see what’s new

👀 And keep your eyes peeled: Podchaser is leading the charge for podcasting innovation in 2020. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for the most recent updates!

❤️ January’s Big Announcement

Before we get into December’s list, let’s talk about our newest feature…

Send Recommendations to Friends

Sharing podcasts in 2020 just got MUCH easier. From any podcast, episode, or creator page on Podchaser, enter an email address or search your Podchaser followers by username to directly share the page with a friend.Learn more

⭐️ What’s New from December

Now onto December…our elves were super busy!

Hosting Platform Badges

For a select few podcast hosting partners, you’ll find a fancy new badge on a podcast’s page to quickly identify the hosting platform used by the podcast. Below each of these badges, find an exclusive deal if you’re looking to switch hosts or start your own podcast. Check it out

Register with Twitter

For all new Podchaser users, we added Twitter registration. Soon you’ll see an option to find and follow your Twitter followers on Podchaser, so every user can identify Twitter followers who are also on Podchaser.

Filters for Top Rated Podcasts

On our top rated podcasts page, you’ll now find new time-based filters for top rated podcasts. By default, we’ll show you the top rated podcasts this month, and you can also filter for this week and all time. Try it out

Apps & Integrations Page

Voting is still open on our new integrations page, where you can see all of the apps, websites, and services that integrate directly with Podchaser. Cast your votefor who you want us to partner with next! Learn more

What Do You Think?

Try these nifty new features and let us know what you think! Join our community Slack channel to suggest new features and talk directly with the Podchaser Founders, and follow us on Twitter!

See you next month!