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New! Quickly find podcasts that have guests [Pro]

We’re rolling out a new feature for Podchaser Pro that lets you easily find podcasts that accept guests.

Introducing the new “Guest” Filter and Indicator for Pro Users

PR agencies and brands love Podchaser Pro for providing the tools needed to book their thought leaders on podcasts. Unique insights like reach estimates, demographics, and verified contact information have helped make guest booking a streamlined process. Today we’re making that workflow even better with the introduction of “has guests.”

Filter for showing whether or not a podcast typically takes guests

Filtering by guest status

Podchaser Pro users can now filter podcasts by whether or not they’re likely to have regular guests. Using the filter interface on any browse/category page or search results, users can select the “has guests” filter to narrow results.

Screenshot from Podchaser that shows how the Joe Rogan Experience has guests

Guest status indicators

To make browsing even easier, we’ve also included multiple indicators throughout the site. Podcasts on Podchaser will have a tiny indicator next to their title that shows whether or not they typically have guests on their podcast. Green means the podcast has guests, while a grey icon means that it is unlikely to have guests. You can find these indicators on podcast cards while browsing the site or in the header and details section of podcast pages.

Icon that shows podcasts that are open to having guests

This feature will make it even easier for users trying to launch a podcast campaign around guest placement with Podchaser doing some of the work for you by identifying podcasts with guests.

Beta roll out

This feature is currently in beta and available for a select number of shows. Over the next couple weeks we’ll be rolling out guest filters and indicators to the entire database of podcasts. Stay tuned!

Podchaser Pro has it all

In addition to the new “has guest” filters and indicators, Podchaser Pro offers gives you access to podcasting's most valuable insights, including reach, demographics, chart position, verified contact information, and much more-giving you the power to make the right decision everytime. Forbes called it “an incredibly useful tool for podcast marketing or booking guests.”

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