How to Reply to Podcast Reviews on Podchaser

How to Reply to Podcast Reviews on Podchaser

Up until now, podcast reviews have been a one-way street. Listeners could leave reviews but there was no good way for podcasters to say thank you, answer questions, or generally show appreciation for these reviews. That’s why we’ve added the ability for podcasters to reply to reviews of their podcast and episodes on Podchaser.

Here’s How Review Replies Work

How to Reply to a Podcast Review

Replying to a review is a great way to let your listeners know you appreciate their feedback and Podchaser has made it easy to send these replies.

Podcast Reviews

Just head to the reviews section of your podcast page or an episode page.

Reply to Podcast Reviews

Under each review you’ll see “reply as your podcast.” Click that button to get started. Replies will come from the podcast itself rather than your user profile.

What Happens Next

New Podcast Review Reply

When you reply to a review, the person who left the review will get a notification on Podchaser and via email letting them know.

Reply to Podcast Reviews

The reply will also be visible when browsing and sharing podcast reviews, and will even show up in the “My Feeds” section.

Let Us Know What You Think

Are you excited for review replies? Let us know on Twitter and if you have any feedback or want to request a feature, please email us or jump in the Podchaser community Slack.