Introducing Podchaser’s Newest Feature: Listens

Introducing Podchaser’s Newest Feature: Listens

Listens lets you keep track of which podcasts you’ve heard before, making it super easy to search for new episodes, find old favorites, and even track your listening stats.


Have You Heard This One Before?

It’s a breeze to mark podcasts you’ve already listened to. While you’re browsing, simply click the 👂 icon to mark the episode as listened. Click it again to unmark the episode.

Quickly Find What You Want

Looking for something new? Or maybe a favorite episode you’ve heard a hundred times? You can now browse episodes based on whether or not you’ve listened to them already.

🔍 Couple this with our episode search feature and you’ll find the episode you’re looking for in seconds!

Get All Caught Up

✅ All caught up on a series? In one click, you can mark all episodes as having been listened to. This lets you quickly flesh out your listen history and makes discovering new episodes a whole lot easier!

Ratings & Reviews Auto Update

Don’t worry, you don’t have to go through all of your old ratings and reviews to mark each episode you’ve listened, we’ve done that for you! And now every episode you rate or review also gets marked as listened to. Like magic! 🎩🐰

Track Your Stats

📊 One of our favorite things about our new Listens feature is that it automatically tracks your time listened, right on your user profile. To view your stats, click your profile pic and select “my profile” from the drop down screen.

You can even share your stats (and your Top 8) with friends! ❤️

Try It For Yourself!

Start using our new Listens feature today and tell us what you think over on our Community Slack, Twitter, or Facebook.

And keep an 👂 out for more Podchaser updates coming soon!