The Podchaser-Patreon Podcast Movement Contest (aka, 3PMC)

In advance of the (oh-so-exciting!) Podcast Movement 2017 this month, Podchaser is partnering with Patreon to hold a contest to identify the best of the best in podcasts.

Using Podchaser’s episode-level rating system, we’re identifying fanbases’ number-one episodes of their favorite Patreon-supported podcasts. By collecting your votes, we’ll put together an article highlighting the best content and help your favorite shows grow even more.

For the next week or so, fans should visit the site and leave ratings and reviews for episodes they want to see commemorated when we publish right before Podcast Movement. To keep it simple —

1. Click the podcasts from the list below that you enjoy

2. Log into Podchaser. New user? If so, enter “Patreon” to get access

3. Rate and review your favorite episodes!

Here’s the full list of participants. Don’t forget to log in and vote, and make sure to rate and review all of your favorite shows.


Rob Has a Podcast

The Bright Sessions


The Thinking Atheist

Sleep With Me

StarTalk Radio

Sword and Scale

The Fantasy Footballers

The Liturgists

My Favorite Murder

The Dollop


Congressional Dish

Drunks and Dragons

Mental Illness Happy Hour

No Dumb Questions

The One You Feed


Stories Podcast

The Black Tapes

The Minimalists Podcast

Trivial Warfare

The WDW Radio Show

You Are Not So Smart

Ivy Envy

Mac OS Ken

Astronomy Cast

Ben Greenfield Fitness

The RobCast

Irish and Celtic Music Podcast

Code Switch

Coverville: The Cover Music Show



The Geekbox

Good Job Brain

How I Built It

Player One Podcast

Rock and Roll Geek Show


The Beerists

The Story Behind

True Crime Brewery

Tumble Science Podcast for Kids

Imaginary Worlds