Bookmarks will change the way you listen to podcasts.

Bookmarks will change the way you listen to podcasts.

Bookmark Podcasts with Podchaser

This is one of our coolest features – create your own personalized podcast from your Podchaser bookmarks!

Here’s how it works

Your Podchaser bookmarks have their own custom RSS feed that you can sync with your favorite podcast player.  Then anytime you bookmark an episode on Podchaser, it automatically shows up in your app!

Visit your bookmarks page and hit the EXPORT button to get started.

Bookmarks for Podchaser - Like Pocket for podcasts

Bookmarking is easy

When you come across an episode you’re interested in listening to later, just hit this button.

Bookmarks for Podchaser - Like Instapaper for podcasts

Hit that ‘Export’ button

Hit the export button to reveal your bookmark’s RSS feed. Then add it to your favorite app to get started.

Podcast Bookmarks with Podchaser

Podchaser bookmarks work like Pocket or Instapaper for podcasts. If ever you come across an interesting podcast or episode on Podchaser, hit the bookmark button to save it for later. And with handy export features, you can easily sync your bookmarks with your favorite app. Then anytime you bookmark a new episode, your app will automatically update.