Podchaser Top 8 & User Profiles | Giveaway for 500 T-shirts from TeePublic

Podchaser Top 8 & User Profiles | Giveaway for 500 T-shirts from TeePublic

Build your User Profile on Podchaser and add your Top 8 favorite podcasts for a free $22 coupon code from TeePublic! This is limited to the first 500 participants, so see the instructions below to create and share your Top 8 and snag your free t-shirt today!

Podchaser Top 8 Podcasts

How to claim your free t-shirt from TeePublic:

  • Follow this link to create your Top 8 and add a podcast for every slot in your new Top 8
  • Save and continue to your User Profile, where you can upload an image, update your bio, and add social links
  • Share your Top 8 on any social platform by clicking the share button next to your Top 8 on your User Profile, using #Top8Podcasts
  • When your Top 8 is complete and your profile is shared, you’ll automatically receive an email with a unique discount code for TeePublic. (Your email must be verified on Podchaser before you receive your coupon code. Check your spam folder if you don’t receive an email within 30 minutes.)
  • Use the discount code in the email for a free t-shirt (excl. shipping + tax) on TeePublic!

About User Profiles

Your podcast listening personality is just as unique as your fingerprint, and now you have the opportunity to build a public profile that shows off your podcast preferences. Whether you’re a True Crime aficionando, Audio Drama enthusiast, or Sports junkie, your Podchaser profile gives you the power to define your podcast-self.

Friends can see your recent activity and follow you (coming soon) to see your latest contributions. Ratings, reviews, and lists will appear on your profile, helping others discover great new podcasts.

Just below your profile image, you’ll see your Top 8. Your Top 8 is a collection of your favorite podcasts and a defining piece of your Podchaser profile. When you share your profile, an image showing your Top 8 will auto-generate. Change your Top 8 as often as you like to feature the eight podcasts you’re currently enjoying the most!

Let us know what you think about your new User Profile and Top 8 by emailing us (contact@podchaser.com) or joining our Slack community!