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22 Best Podcasts of 2022 – Podchaser Staff Picks

At Podchaser, we live and breath podcasts. Our staff discovers great shows all the time, so as 2022 comes to a close we decided to bring you a list of our favorite podcasts of the year. From Dungeons & Dragons to psychology to true crime, you’ll find your new favorite show somewhere in this list.

1. Ben Slinger – Chief Technology Officer –  SitcomD&D 

“An improvised D&D podcast using sitcom tropes and storylines with a great cast of comedians – it’s grown into one of my favourites this year!”

2. Bradley Davis – Chief Executive Officer – The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill

Really intriguing look into the transformational effect of the internet on celebrity through the lens of pastors building megachurches. The podcast explores topics such as sermons being adapted to be artificially emotional for TikTok engagement, whether any young person can handle the immediate power/status the internet can bring, and if the end (a flourishing church) can justify the means (an abusive pastor). My only complaint is that it’s a bit too much content to consume and stay engaged.” 

3. Cole Guthrie – Sales Development –  The Daily 

“Consistently at the top of the charts, but the once per day deep dive into local, national and international news and investigative journalism is told with heft and honesty. I have learned more from this podcast than any other source of news and information.” 

4. Cole Raven – Co-founder – Science of Ultra 

“For the runner who wants to go deep into the physiology and psychology of running with evidence-based recommendations to improve running performance.”

5. Cristina – Connect Manager – Gender Reveal 

Tuck has created such an inclusive space and does a brilliant job highlighting nonbinary and trans individuals. This podcast is a must listen for those in the nonbinary/trans community and is an amazing resource for cis folks curious about learning and educating themselves on the trans community.” 

6. Dave Keine – Head of Product & Marketing – Snafu 

“This highly-produced, highly-engaging documentary podcast is endlessly fun and insightful. Ed Helms shines as the host and narrator, delightfully incredulous and lighthearted in the face of what should be a terrifying story. If you’re a fan of Netflix documentaries like ‘The Movies That Made Us,’ you’ll love this.”

7. Jaime Ciarlello – Senior Business Development Manager – Going West 

“I discovered this true crime podcast (using Podchaser!) when I was looking for coverage of the Gabby Petito case. Not only did the hosts (Heath and Daphne) do an amazing (and respectful) job of telling the story, they released timely updates.  Each week they release 2 new episodes covering all kinds of missing person and murder cases, stating facts with some opinions thrown in here and there. Highly recommend to all true crime fans.”

8. Jen McQuade – PHP Developer – Cinema Recall 

“An all-access pass to some really engaging film discussion, hosted by The Vern. I’ve been a guest on an episode, and really enjoy the other guests that he brings on. This show is also incredibly interactive, with livestreams, shoutouts to other podcasts on social media, and bonus episodes for Patreon members. Lots and lots of back catalog episodes to choose from, so it’s easy to start with a film you love or want to know more about.”

9. Kaylee Fulwood – Staff Accountant – Bigfoot – Terror in the Woods 

“If you are on the fence about believing if Bigfoot is real or not, listen to this podcast! Brothers Billy and Kevin Shehan share stories that listeners send in about their encounters with BigFoot and other cryptids. I had no idea how many cryptids there were until I started listening to this podcast.  It is my go-to podcast for road trips.” 

10. Lia Parisyan – Marketing Manager – Mob Queens 

“The series chronicles the rise of Mob Queen Anna Genovese. Why did I love it? It takes place in NYC, where I grew up. It offers a cool glimpse into drag club history and how one clever woman had the cojones to buck the system.”   

11. Madison Agatha-Mancebo – Connect Specialist – Your Own Backyard  

“I discovered this show in 2019 after Cal Poly alumni were sharing it on social media. As an alumnus myself, I wanted to know more about Kristen Smart and what happened when she went missing on campus in 1996, a decade before I was there. Chris Lambert does an excellent job of helping you visualize what San Luis Obispo was like back then and he takes you along the timeline hour by hour of Kristen’s disappearance. A must listen!” 

13. Michael Bickett – Customer Success Manager – Who Killed Avril Lavigne?  

“Derek Walker must travel from 2022 back to 2005 Warped Tour in order to stop the abduction and replacement of Avril Lavigne and fulfill his pop punk destiny! A tongue in cheek sci-fi/time travel/conspiracy theory/pop punk/musical narrative show with songs that have no right to be that catchy!”

14. Michelle Probola – Senior Account Executive – 2 Bears, 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer  

“Two of my absolute favorite comedians in one place (I have seen them both live multiple times!) The stories they tell about married/parent life are hilarious and oh-so-relatable.” 

15. Morgan Arrendale – Data Moderator – Going West

“This show covers new trending true crime cases and cases most people haven’t heard of yet. Each episode is a different case, and they cover details great.”

16. Nicole Clarke – Senior User Support Specialist – Against The Odds  

“This is a very well edited, audio drama sort of podcast about people facing impossible situations, like wildfires, avalanches, climbing K2, expeditions to the South Pole, and more. The editing is very immersive. Each story goes on for about 3-5 episodes, and in the last one they interview someone who was there. It’s fantastic. I found this pod because it referenced Hale Maʻu Maʻu, the volcanic crater on the Big Island of Hawaiʻi where I used to live. One of the stories they do is about a helicopter that attempts to fly through the volcano to record a movie, and it crashes into the volcano. The three survivors struggle to survive inside the volcanic crater and have to make a choice: wait for help, or find a way out.”

17. Phaea Galicaea – User Support Specialist – 36 Questions – The Podcast Musical

“36 Questions is an entirely unique musical that I find myself constantly coming back and listening to over and over again! It tells the story of an estranged couple trying to navigate their relationship by going back to the basics that brought them together to begin with. Jonathan Groff and Jessie Shelton are utterly spectacular and make this show truly one to remember!”

18. Phoebe Stacey – Senior Program Manager – Rachel Maddow Presents: Ultra 

A rollercoaster from start to finish, this well-written series is officially my favorite listen of all time. Rachel is a brilliant narrator, talking you through the twists and turns of this forgotten piece of America’s past. Definitely not a ‘background noise’ podcast, it’s one you’ll want to sit and really listen to, and it’s well worth the time. Once you start listening, you won’t be able to stop!”

19. Sydney Stern – Head of Customer Success – Normal Gossip  

“If you have ever wondered about the neighbor on your block and why they always seem to be fighting with their spouse, or clicked on every comment on a facebook argument among strangers- this is the deep dive into normal, everyday gossip that you have no business knowing, all told by actual journalists”

20. Taylor Kalsey – Writer – Climbing Gold 

“Podcast hosted by Alex Honnold of “Free Solo” fame about rock climbing. This year’s season about risk in rock climbing invited some of the world’s most adventurous people to talk about their risk assessment and when a risk isn’t worth it. Even if you don’t climb, there’s still a lot to learn from people who choose to put their life on the line consistently. Good starting episode from this year.”

21. Trent Anderson – Head of Connect – All-In With Chamath, Jason, Sacks & Friedberg  

“Four startup operators-turned-investors solve all the world’s biggest problems. Hosts make complex topics like capital markets, entrepreneurship, politics, and human progress more accessible for plebs like me.”

22. Tyler Menk – Account Executive – The Mina Kimes Show 

“Great coverage of NFL’s latest storylines while staying light, funny, and bringing fresh insight that’s different, and often deeper than the usual NFL coverage”

23. Vaishnavi Tejani – Connect Specialist – Huberman lab  

Andrew Huberman helped me get answers to everything about ‘mental health’ through this podcast, which I feel is so important for someone in their mid twenties!”

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