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6 Benefits of Being a Podcast Guest

In this article, we’ll highlight 6 benefits unique to being a podcast guest, provide examples of podcast guesting success stories, and share how you can get booked as a podcast guest.

Only 22% of US adults knew what podcasting was in 2006. Fast forward to 2022, that number grew to 79%. Consequently, podcast advertising spend is on a meteoric rise, predicted to sail past $6 billion in 2026. But you don’t need to spend money to leverage the power of podcasts to promote yourself or your product. You can do it for free by guesting on other people’s podcasts.

If you are a podcaster, author, professor, content creator, or anyone who wants to promote your work, you simply need to start guesting on podcasts.

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1) Generating shareable content!

You may be the guest on the episode, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t the star of the show.

It will be your name plastered on the episode title, and it will be you carrying that particular episode. It is essentially content about you but not made by you, whereas if you were to make your podcast, that would be about you and made by you.

Whenever you need to share information about your company or message, you now have a podcast you’ve appeared on that you can now use as a resource. You reap the reward by doing a fraction of the work.

2) An In-depth way to share a message

What really sets podcasts apart from other mediums like advertisements, blog posts, and other digital content is the intimacy and flexibility you have when you share your story/message.

The average podcast length is about ~43 minutes, and in that time, you can cover A LOT—everything from a thorough and personal introduction to what and why you are doing what you’re doing. You can even put in your call to action and the reasons behind it.

Being a podcast guest is entirely different from buying a 30-second advertisement where you have to pack so much in such a short amount of time. Not only that, but a 60-second midroll ad costs $30 per 1,000 listens. What is the value of the full interview then? Well, it is just completely off the charts! See our breakdown of podcast advertisement rates.

Not only is it a better deal, but it is also the most intimate way to spread your message. Podcast listeners are very engaged and actively listening. They aren’t scrolling or flipping channels; they are tuned into the show you are speaking on. This gives you a direct line of uninterrupted communication.

If you have a complicated story to share, podcasting is one of the best platforms to tap into; few others can provide this medium’s flexibility.

3) Generate more traffic to your sites

Every podcast you appear on is at least one link to your website, LinkedIn profile, or whatever your home base is. If you want to permeate through the various internet webs, you want to keep growing that number of links (or backlinks) that direct traffic to your home site.

With just one podcast, you’re bound to get linked to in the show notes, possibly the transcript, and most likely all the promotional material like social media posts. It is an easy way to get good, quality links going to your site.

4) Boost your SEO ranking

Podcasting content is excellent for helping your search engine optimization. With more content added around your keywords, there will be more sources out there for potential customers to stumble upon. Not only that, but all that content is going to help you outrank your competitors.

With more backlinks sending traffic to your core site, Google and other search engines will view that site as that much more powerful. Plus, you can always repurpose that podcasting content into an article or video, which will also help with your SEO ranking (See our article on 7 Ways to Repurpose your Podcast Content).

That podcast content will also live on podcast players like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, etc., which now gives you a presence on apps and sites that you may not have had before.

5) Gain Social Followers

We have touched on social media a little bit, but podcasts are a great way to boost your followers. If you tie something in from your social sites to what you are speaking about, you can whet the listeners’ appetite and direct them to your social account.

Not only that, but you can build up your Podchaser creator profile and list all your podcast appearances. Your profile can live as your podcasting resume and makes it that much easier to land more interviews. You can now share with podcasts that you want to be a guest on a link to all your appearances; this is something podcasters love to see and makes their job so much easier. They can even listen to your interviews from Podchaser.

In addition, on your creator profile, you can add links to all your social media accounts, like you Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok, so one person who finds your creator profile can easily access other ways to enjoy your content.

6) Network with Thought Leaders

Podcasting also is a great way to network and meet other thought leaders in your space. Maybe you both were guests on the same podcast. The chances are that the podcaster interviewing you is an influencer as well.

You never know who will be in the audience listening to your podcast, so there is a big possibility you are reaching the ears of someone significant. With over 2 million published podcasts, there are at least a couple hundred thousand influential ones in almost every space; you just need to know how to identify them.

Podcast Guesting Success Stories

Tim Soulo – Ahrefs

The chief marketing officer of Ahrefs, a search engine optimization tools company, gave himself a goal of guesting on 20 podcasts in the year 2019. He was so thrilled with the results that he wrote a blog post encouraging others to adopt his strategy. In 4 months, he increased leads, social media following, and brand awareness with minimal effort on his part.

Jennie Nash – Author Accelerator

 Author Accelerator, a service that coaches authors on how to complete their books, reportedly increased their revenue by $50,000 after their founder, Jennie, began appearing on podcasts. One of the hosts that interviewed her was so sold on Author Accelerator that he later signed up to use the service himself, and wrote a glowing review on his blog. You can’t ask for much more from podcast guesting than that.

How do I Find and Contact Podcasts to Get Booked as a Guest?

That is the million-dollar question. 

What if I told you there was a way to access the most valuable information and gain access to reach estimates as well as reliable contact information? I know, I know, I already told you one shortcut at the start of this article, and now I am telling you another. Some might say it is too good to be true, but I am telling you it is not. Podchaser Pro can help you access the industry’s most prized data and give you the tools you need to make data-driven decisions around your podcasting campaign! 

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Or, if you prefer not to do any work at all, check out Podchaser Connect, the full-service digital PR agency. We will handle everything for you from crafting your pitch, finding your shows, booking you as a podcast guest, and repurposing your interview into social media content!

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Start reaping the benefits by doing as little work as possible and start being a podcast guest!

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