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Content and Copywriting Tools for Podcast Advertisers

Writing ad content requires copywriting if you want to make sales. Whether your audience clicks or checks your ads largely depends on the copy they read. But what happens when you’re stuck for words? These content and copywriting tools answer that.

Here are three copywriting tools that can help you choose the right words — rephrase and shorten sentences when brainstorming or facing writer’s block.

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1. Copy.ai

Copy.ai finetunes writing. The GPT-3 tool is gaining popularity among content creators for its efficiency and ease of use. Copy.ai makes it effortless to generate quality content when and where you need it — all in a matter of seconds.

Copy.ai interface

Source: Copy.ai

More ways Copy.ai helps:

It generates copy fast for your:

  • Blog 
  • Landing page 
  • LinkedIn ads
  • Product descriptions
  • Headlines
  • Email subject lines 
  • Meta descriptions

Copy.ai Pricing:

  • Free plan — no credit card required — one account for one user
  • Pro plan — $35 per month — one account for five users
  • Custom team plans — for over 20 users

2. Wordtune

Wordtune gives you multiple copy ideas. The tool uses deep learning to suggest alternative phrases.

Wordtune editor

Source: Wordtune

More ways Wordtune helps:

  • Helps you rewrite and rephrase words in a clearer and more compelling way
  • Improves the tone of your writing
  • Corrects grammar errors
  • Improves written communication
  • Can shorten and expand sentences

Wordtune Pricing:

3. Vidyard Script Timer

Here is a platform that lets you write copy and see how long it will take to read — so that you know if your script for a 30-second ad is too long or not.

Knowing how long your script will be in advance, will allow you to make more informed decisions about the video you’re making. 

Viyard video script timer

Source: Vidyard

More ways it helps:

  • Determines how long it takes to read your script
  • Checks how your script length changes if you’re a fast or slow talker

Vidyard Script Timer Pricing:

  • The free plan of up to 25 videos with no detailed analytics
  • Paid plan of $19 per month or $229 per year
  • Custom plans for teams are available on the platform.

Final thoughts on Content and Copywriting Tools

If you’re looking for podcast advertising copywriting, there’s really not one of these tools we recommend over the others. It’s best to use a combination of Vidyard, Copy.ai, and Wordtune for the best results, and it helps that they are all free to start using.

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