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How 8 Different Businesses use Podchaser Pro

Podchaser Pro is a flexible tool that provides easy to access podcast data and intel for all types of podcast professionals. Podcast contact information? We got it! Reach data? Yup! Sponsor history? No problem. 

No matter what kind of organization you are, if you are trying to get booked as a podcast guest, start your own podcast, or advertise on other podcasts. Podchaser Pro is your one-stop-shop. 

We’ve written a series of articles about how eight different businesses use Podchaser Pro, and how you can too. In this article, we’ll round up our other pieces, with quick summaries and links so you can dive deeper. 

But first, what is Podchaser Pro?

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What is Podchaser Pro?

podchaser pro

Podchaser is the world’s most comprehensive podcast database, and Podchaser Pro unlocks access to truly one-of-a-kind podcast data. With Podchaser Pro, you’re just a few clicks away from knowing almost every podcast’s contact information, sponsor history, reach, Power Score™(cross-platform popularity), demographics, and more

Request a free demo to see why Forbes called Podchaser Pro, “an incredibly useful tool for podcast marketing or booking guests or promoting to media or for research and development.”

How PR Professionals Use Podchaser Pro

Podchaser Pro Use Cases for PR with a woman sitting at a desk

While there are many ways public relations firms can utilize Podchaser Pro, we’ve found that these three are the most common among our clients: Research and discovery, guest placement, and branded podcasts. 

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How Advertisers Use Podchaser Pro

Podchaser Pro for Advertisers

As an advertiser, you want to find the perfect podcasts to advertise on, keep tabs on your competitors, and potentially book your company’s thought leaders as podcast guests. Podchaser Pro makes this a breeze.

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How Podcast Networks Use Podchaser Pro

Podchaser Pro for Podcast Networks

As a podcast network, you are spinning a lot of plates at the same time. You’re trying to simultaneously grow your current shows, find new ones, attract advertisers, keep tabs on competitors, and manage your talent. Podchaser Pro is popular among podcast networks because we can help with all of the above.

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How Direct to Consumer Brands Use Podchaser Pro

As a direct to consumer brand, your mission statement is in your name. Your goal: To find the most effective ways to inspire and move consumers to action. That’s why podcasting is the perfect match for D2C brands. D2C brands use Podchaser Pro to buy advertisements on podcasts, create branded podcasts, and book their thought leaders as guests on other shows.

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How Podcasters us Podchaser Pro

Podchaer Pro for Podcasters

Podcasting is a highly competitive industry. If you want to be successful, you always need to find an edge over your competition. You need to promote your podcast by guesting on other shows, searching for advertisers, and keeping tabs on similar shows and industry trends. All of this takes an unfathomable amount of time to accomplish, or at least it did before Podchaser Pro.

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How Book Publishers Use Podchaser Pro

podchaser pro for book publishers

As a book publisher, you’ve put years of work into getting your authors’ books completed, edited, and published. The next step is promotion. In addition to traditional methods of advertising, press releases, websites – podcasting has quietly become the secret weapon of many book publishers, and it’s easy to see why.

There are 3 methods that book publishers use to utilize podcasting: podcast guesting, starting your own podcast, and podcast advertising. In this article we’ll dive deeper into each of these, all made incredibly easy with Podchaser Pro. 

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How Nonprofits Use Podchaser Pro

podchaser pro for nonprofits

Fundraising is always the most difficult part of running a nonprofit, and one revenue stream many nonprofits overlook is podcasts. It may not be immediately apparent how your organization can use a free audio entertainment medium to raise funds, but podcasts have proven to be profitable

There are three main methods nonprofits can use to benefit from podcasting:

  1. Buy advertisements on podcasts
  2. Create a branded podcast
  3. Book internal thought leaders as podcast guests

In our article, we discuss how easy it is to do each of these with Podchaser Pro.

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Other Ways Podcast Professionals Can Use Podchaser Pro

What we’ve highlighted is only a few ways to use Podchaser Pro. There are several other tools that your organization can take advantage of. 

Here’s the full list of Podchaser Pro features for nonprofits:

  • Access to the world’s largest podcast database
  • Podcast reach data (per episode and month)
  • Verified contact information
  • Power Score
  • Alerts
  • Sponsor history
  • Estimated cost of advertisements
  • Demographic data
  • Apple and Spotify chart positions
  • Exclusive search filters (has guests, gender skew, listener age, listener location)
  • Social media handles and analytics
  • Podcast metadata

Other Podchaser Products For Podcast Professionals

  1. Podchaser Connect – Podchaser Connect is a full-service podcast guest placement service. Skip the hard work and let our team of experts handle discovery, pitching, follow-ups, and scheduling.
  2. Podchaser API –  Built specifically to drive discovery for listeners, podcasters, and brands: Podchaser API unlocks our world-class database for your software development. Start for free right now to gain access to Podchaser’s user reviews, popularity charts, search tools, podcast credits, podcast reach, demographic information, verified contacts, and more!