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3 Methods to Get Started Podcast Monitoring

At first glance, podcast monitoring seems impossible. With 4.5 million podcasts available right now, you’d have to be superhuman to keep up with them all. But at the same time, it’s important for any business using the medium to keep tabs on the podcast landscape.

So how can you perform podcast monitoring without wasting your valuable time and money?

In this article we’ll define podcast media monitoring, as well as provide three methods to keep your organization ahead of the competition.

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What is Podcast Monitoring?

Podcast monitoring is a subset of media monitoring which keeps tabs on what the media is saying about a particular topic. The topic can be anything, but is usually related to your brand, your competitors, your niche, and the campaigns you’re running.

Podcast media monitoring has a few advantages over traditional media monitoring. 

Podcast discussions are in-depth.

 The average podcast episode is 41 minutes, which means podcasters are spending much more time discussing your topics of interest than social media and news outlets.

Podcasts are created by everybody.

Traditional media monitoring focuses on media like TV, newspaper, and radio, all of which are heavily gate kept mediums. If you want to understand the thoughts and feelings of ordinary people, look no further than podcasts.

 Podcasts measure word-of-mouth.

Because of the two previously mentioned advantages (in-depth discussions by ordinary people), podcasts are the medium that best captures word-of-mouth. Nowhere else can you access everyday people chit chatting about virtually any topic, recorded for all the world to hear.

3 Podcast Monitoring Methods

1) Find and Follow Podcast Creators

To go beyond finding podcasts discussing your topics of interest, find and follow podcast creators on Podchaser. That way, not only are you alerted when those creators post their own content, but also when they guest on other podcasts. 

Following creators’ guest appearances gives you insight into what an influencer says about your niche. It also helps you discover the shows creators are guesting on, giving you more ideas on which podcasts to monitor. 

But how do you find these creators in the first place? With the world’s most comprehensive podcast database, Podchaser. The perfect creators and podcasts for you to monitor are just a few clicks away on Podchaser. AND Podchaser Pro unlocks access to even more one-of-a-kind podcast data (more on that at the end of the article).

And the benefits of finding relevant creators don’t end at podcast monitoring. If you find creators who are an especially good fit with your brand, you could even recruit them to be influencers for your brand.

Finding the creators and podcasts you’re interested in is only the first step. The next is to actually listen. Pay attention to what these influencers are discussing about industry trends. Where is it going and what trends are they tired of? Understanding these conversations provides deeper understanding about what your future priorities should be, as well as give you inspiration for innovative ideas. 

Podchaser’s lists are a handy way to keep track of podcasts you’re monitoring. Once you’ve found a show you’re interested in, add it to a list. Then later you’ll have all of your research in one handy spot.

Lists are also a unique method to find podcasts within your niche to monitor. Podchaser users are rabid fans, and have likely already compiled the best podcasts in a certain topic into a Podchaser list, whether that be crypto, fantasy baseball, or anything else!

3) Track Keyword Mentions with Podchaser Alerts

podchaser alerts

The downside of the previous two methods is their time intensiveness. You have to actively find creators and listen to hours of podcasts to properly monitor everything.

At Podchaser, we wanted to give PR firms, D2C brands, and other podcast professionals a way to monitor podcasts that wouldn’t take up all your time. So we created Podchaser Alerts. Podchaser users can set alerts for any target keyphrase, and then receive daily alerts when that keyphrase is mentioned. 

The podcast monitoring uses of Alerts is myriad:

  • Track mentions of specific people: Discover who’s talking about you, your client, or someone you’re interested in. Best when used for mentions. If you’re looking to track credits, we’ve already got you covered.
  • Analyze topics and trends: Create an alert with the search phrase of the topic you want to track. You’ll receive a daily email update with all the episodes talking about that subject.
  • Brand mention tracking: See how a brand or product is being talked about by podcast influencers. Perfect for understanding brand positioning and measuring the impact of campaigns. Looking to track podcast advertising? We’ve got you covered there too with our sponsor history feature.
  • And that’s just the beginning. Alerts provide in-depth data that is flexible enough for many purposes. We’re excited to see what creative use cases our audience discovers.

Access More One-of-a-kind Podcast Data

pro landing

If your business wants to fully take advantage of podcasting, podcast monitoring is merely the tip of the iceberg. 

Whether you want to advertise on podcasts, book your thought leaders as podcast guests, find influencers for your brand, or research your competition – Podchaser Pro is your one-stop-shop.

With Podchaser Pro, you’re just a few clicks away from knowing almost every podcast’s contact information, sponsor history, reach, Power Score™(cross-platform popularity), demographics, and more. 

Request a free demo to see why Forbes called Podchaser Pro, “an incredibly useful tool for podcast marketing or booking guests or promoting to media or for research and development.”