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Podcast Advertiser Tools for Content Design and Video

Podcast advertiser tools for content design and video 

We’ve been talking about writing. How about design — graphics — images — layout to make it appealing? Podcast art plays a significant role in converting viewers and listeners into leads. These two tools will help you make your copy stand out with stellar design. So let’s explore some time-saving tools for content design and video.

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1. Canva

When it comes to design, Canva nails it. Basically, it does everything under the design umbrella (photos, videos, social media, editing, and more). With a few clicks from its bank of templates, you can create the design you need for your content.

Canva design interface

Source: Canva

More ways it helps:

  • You’ve got a pool of templates to choose from no matter what your design needs are.
  • Saves you time and effort by automating your design creation
  • Make your presentation, photo editing, and video editing easier

Canva Pricing:

  • With the free plan, you’ll have access to many features and templates
  • Pro plan starts at $9.99 (one user)
  • Team plan starts at $30 (up to 5 users)

2. Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer (an alternative to Adobe’s Illustrator) is a vector graphics editor developed by SerifApple rates it as the fastest and most accurate vector graphic design software.

Affinity designer

Source: Affinity Designer 

The vector design tool offers a handy file export feature. Using the export pop-up window, you can choose rasterized images’ PDF standard and resolution. The program can also generate EPS and PSD files, as well as various vector graphic formats.

How it helps:

  • This tool helps you create a variety of illustrations, including icons, web designs, mock-ups, print projects, logos, and concept art.
  • Lets you create effects, gradients, curve edits, transformations, and adjustments in real time.

Affinity Designer Pricing:

  • A free trial is available
  • Mac: $60.54
  • Windows: $60.54
  • iPad: $24.21

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