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How PR Firms Measure Word-of-Mouth with Podchaser Alerts

Podcast content is at an all-time high. Over 4.5 million podcasts produce content, on course to rival big data. Unless, you’ve got extra eyes and hands, it’s next-to-impossible to track everything happening in podcasting.

To help, we’ve turned that raging river of content into a trickle of insights. Podcasting is modern word-of-mouth, and can give PR firms insight into who and what are at the core of the conversation.

Earlier this year, we released sponsor tracking and transcripts API to help our users unlock the content buried in podcasts.

Our part of our mission to help PR agencies and publicists leverage the power of podcasting, we released a brand-new feature, Alerts. In this article, we dive into what Alerts are, plus a few ways your PR firm can use them to easily monitor the vast podscape.

What are Podchaser Alerts?

Podchaser is the world’s most comprehensive database, built for brands, advertisers, PR firms, and other podcast professionals to discover podcasts to work with.

Our latest feature, Alerts, which makes monitoring podcasts as simple as a few clicks. For the first time ever, Podchaser users can choose a keyphrase and receive daily alerts when a new podcast episode mentions your phrase.

We’ve created the most comprehensive media monitoring solution for podcasts by tracking titles and descriptions of every new episode, and new episode transcripts from the top 5,000 podcasts.

How Podchaser Alerts Work

Visit My Alerts to get started. From there you can view your current alerts, delete unwanted alerts, and create new ones. 

Once you’ve set up your alerts, leave the rest to us. You’ll receive a daily email highlighting all the recent episodes that have mentioned your keywords, plus the timestamp of when in the episode the keyword is mentioned.

Your first keyword/phrase is completely free. Upgrade to track additional keywords/phrases.

How PR Pros Use Alerts

Track mentions of specific people

Discover who’s talking about you, your client, or someone you’re interested in. Best when used for mentions. If you’re looking to track credits, we’ve already got you covered

  • Example: Your client is an author who just released a book. You set up a Podchaser Alert for the name of the book, and for the name of the author. You discover who is talking about your client’s book, and you reach out to them to offer a free copy and a chance to interview your client – building your client’s brand, engagement, and driving sales.

Create an alert with the search phrase of the topic you want to track. You’ll receive a daily email update with all of the episodes talking about that subject.

  • Example: Your client is a fitness brand ready to release their new product, a smartwatch. You set up various Alerts to capture the word-of-mouth around smartwatches. From your findings, you can tailor your marketing copy, find influencers to collaborate with, or even adapt the product to what the public wants.

Brand mention tracking

See how a brand or product is being talked about by podcast influencers. Perfect for understanding brand positioning and measuring the impact of campaigns. Looking to track podcast advertising? We’ve got you covered there too with our Sponsor History feature.

  • Example: Your client is an up and coming D2C brand in the knitting industry. You set up Alerts about your client’s brand and their competitors to understand the public consensus of knitting brands. You better understand the industry and are able to develop a unique angle or niche to give your client the competitive edge.

And that’s just the beginning. Alerts provide in-depth data that is flexible enough for many purposes. We’re excited to see what creative use cases our audience discovers.

Get Started with Alerts

Create your first alert today by visiting your My Alerts page.

Interested in unlocking alerts for your brand or organization? Contact our sales team.

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