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Top 10 Podcast Advertisers in November 2022

Podcast Advertising is predicted to sail past $6 billion by the end 2026. This may seem like an astronomical number, but we’re well on our way. Every month, advertisers are spending more and more on podcasts.

To give you a glimpse, in this article we’ll highlight the top 10 advertisers last month, some insights, and how to access more podcast advertiser data with Podchaser Pro

Top 10 Podcast Advertisers in November 2022

This list is ranked by ad spend. To see the ad spend for these companies, and the top 30 podcast advertisers in November, try for Podchaser Pro and check out our Brands page.

Insights into Top 30 Brands

  • 30% are direct to consumer brands
  • The most times an advertiser worked with a single podcast: BetterHelp worked with You Better Bet 56 times in the last 30 days.
  • Podcast genre is not a huge consideration for top advertisers, as they advertise on all genres of podcasts.

How We Got This Data

Podchaser uses machine learning technology to monitor the top 5,000 podcasts (by Power Score™) for integrated host-read sponsorships and syndicated audio-matched advertisements. Our model combines this data with Podchaser’s unique dataset of listening behavior from millions of devices and industry-standard podcast advertising rates to generate a directional estimate of ad spend for each brand over the last 30 days.

Get More Podcast Advertiser Data with Podchaser Pro

Podchaser Pro’s Sponsor History add-on is your one-stop shop for podcast advertiser data including: 

  • Sponsor history of the top 5,000 podcasts
  • Which brands have sponsored which podcasts 
  • How many times they’ve sponsored
  • Estimated ad spend per podcast 
  • Estimated cost to advertise on the show.

And that’s just the beginning of the exclusive data Podchaser Pro gives you access to. You’re just a few clicks away from knowing almost every podcast’s contact information, sponsor history, reach, Power Score(cross-platform popularity), demographics, and more

Request a free demo to see why Forbes called Podchaser Pro, “an incredibly useful tool for podcast marketing or booking guests or promoting to media or for research and development.”

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