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8 Tips for Naming Podcast Episodes

Back on Podchaser’s Twitter account, we asked podcasters how they name their episodes. Other than the show notes, this is really the only device a show has to give any information on the episode topic. As always, we got some amazing and really creative answers from a ton of podcasters. We decided to take some of the best suggestions and share them in the list below!

How to name your podcast episodes

1. Make it informative

Tip from the studio that brought you Anthologies of Ullord

2. Engage with your followers

Tip from Outrageously Unnecessary

3. Pick a theme and run with it!

Tip from Brits on Bikes

4. People really love puns…

Tip from Junk-Foodies

5. Name it based on what stands out from the episode

Tip from The Cut

6. See what people are searching for and capture it!

7. Name it after your subject or guest

Tip from Radio Camp Half Blood: A Percy Jackson Read-A-Long Podcast

8. Maybe just go with your gut…or what you heard in a dream?

Tip from Podcasting Made Simple

Final Thoughts

You can see that there is no one universal method for naming your individual episodes. There are fortunately a lot of different approaches and strategies, so find out what works for your show and roll with it!

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