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How to Get The Most Out of a Podcast Guest Appearance

Congrats, you got booked as a guest on a podcast! Give yourself a pat on the back. There are many benefits to being a guest on a podcast, but your work is not done after you’ve been on an episode. This article will share a few quick methods to get the most out of your podcast guest appearance. 

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Add Credits

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The first method is to add your guest appearance to the credits of the episode’s Podchaser page. Then when people go to the podcast or episode page, your creator profile will appear as a collaborator. This makes it incredibly easy for Podchaser users to click on your profile and discover the rest of your work.

As an added benefit, once you add all your credits to your Podchaser creator profile, it becomes your podcasting resume that you can use to pitch future podcasts to have you as their guest.

In addition, it’s great for SEO. Google’s algorithm will associate you with the show you’ve guested on and vice versa. Meaning that people will find your show when they search for your collaborators and they’ll find your collaborators when searching for your show.

Share Your Appearance on Social Media

Guesting on someone’s podcast is a “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours situation”. A lot of the benefit is mutual promotion. Sharing your appearance on social media exposes the podcast you appeared on to your audience, but this still benefits you as well. It’s likely that the host will share your post with their audience in return. Be sure to tag the host to increase the likelihood that they’ll share your post. 

But even if they don’t, sharing your appearances on social media adds a lot of credibility to your fans and to future collaborators. They’ll be impressed with all your collaborations, resulting in more ardent fans and more future guest appearances.

Follow-Up with the Host

Not only is it polite to follow-up with the host to thank them for having you on their show, but it has its professional benefits as well.

This seems basic, but the importance is easy to overlook – you want the hosts of the shows you guest on to like you! As you guest on more and more podcasts, you’re building a positive reputation. Depending on your niche, podcasting can be a small world. A lot of podcasters know other podcasters, so if they leave a bad review of you as a guest, that can really hurt your chances of getting more guest appearances in the future.

So email them, or send a private message via social media that explains the wonderful and insightful time you had on their show. Share with the links to all the promotions you’ve done for their show. And always leave the door open for more guest appearances in the future.

Repurpose the Content

There’s a few ways to repurpose the content of your guest appearance to help promote it.


An audiogram is a short audio clip designed to be shared on social media. With an audiogram, you can hook new listeners with a highlight or specific clip from your show and have them itching to start the full episode.

Audiograms are much more eye-grabbing than a static image and they are also more likely to get shared than content that is just an image + text.

Our friends at Headliner are masters at taking your podcast content and turning it into a highly clickable and lovable audiogram. Just look at what we did with this clip from the Howie Mandel show! Just look at what we did with this clip from the Howie Mandel show!


the alarmist infographic

Maybe your podcast requires a lot of research and preparation. If so, you can take some of the most valuable insights of your episodes and turn them into an infographic. 

These pictures accompanied by text are both attention-grabbing and valuable. They can work exceptionally well if you’re speaking to content that involves statistics because your audience can then visualize the data and make it more powerful. If your show is less data-driven and more about storytelling, infographics can work well especially as teasers or announcements!


Written content is amazing for SEO and is something that many of your listeners can find valuable. Some content is better to read than to be heard, and sometimes having both is best.

If you have a really interesting topic, you can turn that episode into an article and can attract new listeners to your show by having them discover your article.

Running a blog and a podcast simultaneously might seem difficult, but you’ve already done the hard work by researching and recording your podcast, all that is left is to write your content into an article. 99% Invisible does this and writes a bunch of awesome articles for  website.

If you want to learn more ways you can repurpose your content, check out our full article

How Else You Can Promote Your Podcast

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Guesting on other podcasts is just one way to grow your show. Podchaser is dedicated to helping podcast creators find their audience and help audiences find their favorite podcasts. For podcasters, you’ll need to claim your show. From there you can add credits, boost your SEO, customize your page, and even sell merchandise.

Claim your podcast today and read our full article about how to promote your podcast.

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