How To Submit Your Podcast to Apple Podcasts, Google, Spotify, & Everywhere Else

How To Submit Your Podcast to Apple Podcasts, Google, Spotify, & Everywhere Else

A list of every directory your podcast ought to be posted and what they have to offer you.

Ever wondered how to submit a podcast to Apple Podcasts? Or how to get your podcast on Google Podcasts, or Spotify, or Radiopublic? And why there are so many places to put your show anyways?

Today, there are more places to listen to podcasts than we probably expected, and all of them are promising to be the best, biggest, most inclusive directory with the best features for listeners and podcasters alike that you could possibly find. And I’m not here to argue with any of them. I’m just here to let you know that they’re all out there and your podcast should be on as many of them as you can, especially since the process of adding your show is usually pretty painless.

⭐️ Pro-Tips

1. Make sure you’re on Apple Podcasts above all else because so many directories pull feeds from them.

2. There is a difference between being present in a directory and having claimed your podcast. Claiming usually means that you’ll get reports on how many people are listening to or downloading your show, which is helpful info to have.

3. Get your show on as many of these as you can. Why? To meet your audience where they’re at, make sure your show is everywhere they are. Then, watch your download numbers grow.

4. The most important place to claim your podcast is without doubt Podchaser. Podchaser offers lists, ratings and reviews, merch integration for podcasters, and profiles for users and creators. We do pull from Apple Podcasts, but you can speed up the process by adding it to Podchaser is quick and easy. Just scroll to the bottom of the home page and look for the “Add Podcast” button. And be sure to add credits for guests and hosts as you release new episodes so listeners and fellow creators can see who you’re working with!

🎧 Podcast Apps & Directories and How To Get Your Show On Them

(In alphabetical order)

Acast: a podcast directory and host with a website and an app. A good place to make sure your work is available. Add your podcast here by clicking “Get Started” under “Hosted Podcast” and filling out the form.

Amazon Echo: We all know that smart speakers are becoming more and more popular in households around the world. From Flash Briefings to Alexa Skills, here’s everything you need to know about getting Alexa on your team.

Anypod: CNET says it “turns Amazon’s voice assistant into a serious podcast machine,” so it’s a good place to be paying attention to. Following this link, you’ll be able to search for your podcast and customize how you want listeners to interact with it.

Apple Podcasts: Because so many people pull podcasts from Apple Podcasts, this is one place you pretty much absolutely have to post your show. Before you go to add it, Apple has a helpful page with their requirements for podcast here. Once you’re ready, you’ll go to iTunes Connect, sign in with you apple id (may want to make one for your podcast), link to your RSS feed, and hit “verify.” After that, Apple will offer you a preview of the show and if you don’t see any issues you’ll submit it.

Audioburst: Audioburst automatically takes parts of your show and turns them into “bursts” you can use to share your content all sorts of places. Add your podcast here.

BluBrry: BluBrry does a lot of stuff besides hating the letter “e,” including hosting podcasts, providing podcast statistics, and even managing your WordPress hosting. They are also “the largest podcast directory in the world” according to their website’s header, so you should probably join here.

Bullhorn: Completely avoiding the question of downloading podcasts to save data, Bullhorn allows people to call a number in order to listen to podcasts, thereby using their free talk-minutes. You can add your podcast here and help people remember that their phone can make a call.

Castbox: A site looking to help with discoverability through top AI technology and recommendation engines. They’ll pull you from Apple Podcasts but if you have a burning desire to be added immediately, look here for how.  

Deezer: basically a less well-known Spotify, Deezer will provide you metrics weekly and you can add your podcast here.

Digital Podcast: A directory specifically for digital podcasts. Add yours here (it will redirect you to either create an account or sign in before you get to the page).

Google Home and Google Assistant: In order to speak to the all-knowing force in the sky and have it play your podcast, this is the place to add it. But honestly it’s a bit of a process, and Podnews has broken down that process here.

Google Play Music: Everything you want in music and podcasts both on iOS and Android. Add yours here if you want, but honestly, why not just add it to the next one?

Google Podcasts:This is really the place you need to be if you want to be available on Google Assistant or Google Home, and also where you want to be in general since the entire world doesn’t actually revolve around Apple. Learn how to add yours here.

Himalaya: A website and app created to help podcast fans discover their next great love, this is a good place to put your work as people diversify where they’re listening. You can claim your podcast by finding it on the website (it’ll tell you how just listen closely).

iHeartRadio: The radio world has been very excitedly bursting into podcasting with iHeartRadio at the front of the movement. Add your podcast to their ever-growing directory here.

Listen Notes: Another podcast directory that lets you curate your podcasts and listen to them in your preferred player. Add your podcast here.

Overcast: A podcast player for iOS that many podcast lovers prefer to Apple Podcasts. Overcast doesn’t require you to add your podcast to them specifically, just make sure you’re on Apple Podcasts and you’ll be included.

RadioPublic: with an app that pays you for every listen, custom podcast websites, and a free web player, RadioPublic has a lot to  offer podcasters and listeners alike. Add your podcast here.

Pandora: No longer just the place to make stations based off your favorite band, Pandora is currently working to build their directory but they won’t take everyone. You can find the intake form here but the process looks like it’ll take a while and you may not be included “given the volume of interest.”

PocketCasts: A directory here for the best possible discovery and listening experience, PocketCasts is building more and more archiving features for podcast lovers. Add you podcast here.  

PodBean: Mainly offering free podcast hosting and help with advertising in the podcast market, Podbean may have the tools you’ve been looking for. Add your podcast here after creating an account.

Podknife: This is a directory with a few different ways to browse and a painless way to add your podcast… once you register.  

Plex: You have to register to look at what’s happening on Plex, but once you do look for a microphone with a plus sign by it to add your podcast to their directory.

Player FM: Available on both Android and iOS, Player FM lets you play on any and all of your devices and lets podcasts be anywhere you are. Add your podcast here

Spotify: The major music app made a huge splash in podcasting with its major purchases of podcasting companies and is continuing to add to its directory all the time, earning its spot as the second largest podcast platform in the world. You can add yours here.

Stitcher: A website and app that makes it easy to discover and listen to podcasts. Add yours here.

TuneIn: With sports, music, and news to offer alongside podcasts, this is a good place to make sure you have your work posted. Add your podcast here.

We will continue to update this list as new directories are added, old ones are swallowed up. Or processes become different. If any of your favorite places to find podcasts somehow got left off our list, let us know at and we’ll make sure to get it on the list.