Podcastpage Integrates with Podchaser to Display Ratings & Reviews!

Podcastpage Integrates with Podchaser to Display Ratings & Reviews!

Podchaser ratings and reviews are now shown on all Podcastpage websites!

The podcast website builder Podcastpage has released a new update that lets podcasters automatically import Podchaser reviews to their website. Not only that, but podcasters can now seamlessly link to their Podchaser page to get even more ratings and reviews. 

Social proof is a powerful factor in getting new listeners to your podcast. With this integration, you’ll be able to show the world that your podcast is the bee’s knees. Let’s dive into how it works. 

How it works

What is Podcastpage?

Podcastpage is the ultimate website builder for podcasters that specializes in websites meant for podcasts. With beautifully designed templates, automated episode imports, and a customizable audio player, podcasters can sync their podcast and have a fully functioning website in minutes. It’s as easy as it gets.

Easily Submit Your Podcast to Podchaser

Got a podcast and want to get it on Podchaser? It’s probably already there but now Podcastpage allows users to easily submit a single podcast or several podcasts to our database. All you have to do is head to the “Integrations” section of the Podcastpage platform and find “Podchaser Integration”, then select “Submit!”

Showcase your reviews

By having your Podchaser reviews imported to your website, visitors will be able to visit your site and see all the reviews your fans and listeners have left for you. All the information advertisers, potential listeners, or anyone interested in your show will be right there on your site displayed beautifully.

Add a ‘Leave a Review’ Button

If your podcast is already listed on Podchaser, Podcastpage automatically adds a button to your website that links to your Podchaser page making it super easy for listeners to write you a review. This is great for boosting your discoverability, verifying your show to new listeners, and for better connecting you to your audience by gathering their feedback

It is a classic win-win-win!

More to Come!

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