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What is Podchaser Pro?

If you’re a podcast enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of Podchaser. But what is Podchaser Pro

In this post, we’ll take a look at what Podchaser Pro is and how it can benefit advertisers, public relations agencies, and others driving brand awareness and revenue growth with podcasts.  

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What is Podchaser Pro?

Podchaser Pro is a podcast database that allows users to find podcasts, their contacts, demographics, estimated reach, and more in one place. 

It acts as an all-in-one-hub for all your podcast research and outreach campaigns.

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The tool gives public relations agencies, publicists, book publishers, media and marketing agencies, and others engaged in brand awareness and growth access to podcast contacts and data that would otherwise take hours to stitch together from Google searches, podcast websites, and social media profiles. 

Speeds up podcast research and outreach.

The podcast database also eliminates toggling between tabs, searching endless email chains, and scanning busy Slack channels for podcast contacts and information.

Its built-in search engine lets you drill down into podcasts, episodes, and lists by keywords, topics, and other advanced search filters. 

Plus, you can save yourself and your team hours of dead-end podcast outreach, by using our “podcast accepts guests” filter. 

How does Podchaser Pro work?

Pro simplifies finding, comparing, and contacting podcasts at scale. Just click on the Insights tab to see information like:

  • Estimated podcast reach (per episode and month)
  • Verified podcast contact information
  • Power Score™ a metric that shows the relative reach and influence of a podcast. 
  • Estimated ad cost
  • Apple and Spotify Chart Positions
  • Exclusive search filters (has guests, gender skew, marital status, top listener occupations)
  • Podcast social media handles
  • Sponsor history, a feature that shows which brands are buying podcast ads. 
Podcast sponsors episodes and estimated ad spend
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What are the benefits of using Podchaser Pro?

There are many benefits to using the Podchaser Pro. Some of the benefits include:

  • Find the right-fit podcasts for PR outreach and ad placements quickly and easily.
  • Create custom podcast lists that can help your clients increase their digital footprint.

    Added bonus: Podchaser lists tend to rank thanks to our site’s high domain rating. Writers and journalists also use Podchaser podcast lists in their articles, videos, and other forms of content, bringing your clients even more visibility. 
  • Amazing self-service features like a built-in podcast search engine, plus world-class customer support ready to help you.
  • See detailed information about each podcast in one place to avoid distractions and time spent toggling between multiple platforms. 

How much does Podchaser Pro cost?

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to research and contact podcasts at scale, Podchaser Pro is it.

Whether you’re a team of one or a team of one hundred, we offer solutions designed to accommodate your unique needs.

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Who can use it?

Our powerful and easy-to-use podcast directory is used by:

  • Public relations agencies/PR professionals
  • Publicists
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  • Book publishers and marketers
  • Media and marketing agencies
  • Brands
  • Podcast networks
  • And more.
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How do I sign up for Podchaser Pro?

Podchaser Pro is a one-stop podcast database for anyone looking to advertise on podcasts, research their competitors, and book their clients on podcasts.