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Thinking Audience-Centric with Nick Glimsdahl

Nick Glimsdahl is the host of the customer service podcast Press 1 for Nick. What is interesting about Nick is that he uses his podcast to provide a service to his customers and always keeps them in his mind when he is producing his show. We decided to sit down with Nick for a Q&A.

To get started Nick, would you mind telling me a little bit about yourself and your podcast?

I’m the Host of the Press 1 for Nick podcast, a Director of Contact Center Solutions at VDS, a speaker on Customer Experience and Customer Service, and a featured contributor for ICMI

My mission is to bring together digital transformation, customer expectations, and business objectives to create effortless customer experiences.

Why did you create your podcast, what purpose are you hoping to serve?

The reason why I started the Press 1 For Nick podcast is because I wanted to find a way to add value to my prospects, clients, and Customer Experience professionals without being salesy.

I’m hoping to be the resource for Customer Service and Customer Experience professionals, regardless of where they are in their journey. 

You bring on a bunch of talent on your show, how do you pick your guests?

Thanks! At the beginning, I brought my connections on as guests, but as the podcast grew I started to receive recommendations from my listeners, other guests and connections. Also, I pay attention to authors and thought leaders in the Customer Service and Customer Experience space. Last, I try to bring people like Chris Voss, who was an International Hostage Negotiator for the FBI to talk about Tactical Empathy, Active Listening, and Labeling, which all relates to Customer Service. 

What are your tips and tricks for crafting a compelling interview?

I believe the more effort you put in prior to the recording the higher quality the podcast, which is why I invest a lot of time preparing questions. I listen to prior podcasts, read authors’ books, schedule 30-minute calls with the guest to learn from them. Then I organize all the information I’ve gathered and turn them into questions. I also make sure it is in the right order, so it flows really well. 

You regularly engage with your audience on social media, what is their role in your podcast?

Without my listeners, it would be just me talking to my guest into a void, and even though I would still enjoy the conversation, it wouldn’t motivate me that it does know my listeners depend on my podcast episode weekly. It’s so important to receive feedback from my listeners. I read every comment and try to reply to everyone. 

How do you use Podchaser to help with your podcast?

Podchaser provides me the ability to promote my awesome guests. I tag my guests on their episodes and it really expands their audience. At the same time, the people who follow my guests have the opportunity to listen to my podcast as well. 

What advice would you give to podcasters when it comes to connecting and interacting with their audience? What should the relationship be?

Go all-in with your listeners. When you interact with them, ask questions, take their feedback, and do something with it. Being engaged with your listeners turns your fans into followers and followers into fanatics. When you turn your listeners turn into fanatics, there will be no stopping your podcast.

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Big thanks to Nick Glimsdahl for sitting down with us and sharing his insight. Follow Nick on Podchaser,  Twitter and definitely check out his podcast Press 1 for Nick!