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Hey, everybody. With holiday obligations beginning to breathe down all of our necks, Podchaser’s team is working to tie up a few features before the New Year. We kid — our Slack is, of course, full of festive cheer, but we really need to start buying gifts for loved ones.


So, one major feature near the end of our development pipeline that we’re ready to unveil:

Our podcast digest! The digest is designed to provide hosts with the ability to keep track of how their shows are doing. For the time being, this will be how you’ll be made aware of new user reviews of your podcast (and its individual episodes), new ratings, and other stats.

The digest will give a bird’s-eye view to check in weekly on how your show is doing. As we roll out further features, it’ll also serve as your show’s home base to check things like play count or the number of impressions it’s accruing.

We’re preparing to roll out email notifications for those same kinds of updates — new ratings, reviews, and so forth — on an individual basis, as well. You can choose to receive all of those, just use your digest, or both.

Site Updates:

Lots of behind-the-scenes stuff this week. Our devs have continued to focus on improving site stability and adding minor usability features, alongside bug-fixing in the wake of launching social links plus some improvements to search.

For some slightly more exciting stats, we now have over 500 shows claimed! We’re thrilled to have so many hosts already deepening integration with Podchaser, and we want more. We’ll keep hammering this every week, but, if you’re a host, please claim your show so you can add cool things like social links to your Podchaser page. It takes like two seconds, promise.

Podchaser’s Top 5 Podcasts in Technology

1. Reply All

emilyboda —“This show has quickly become my absolute favorite. Great mix between in-depth and incredibly moving stories of people whose stories you won’t hear anywhere else, to hilarious explainations of stupid memes that make your day. A must listen for everyone no matter what your relationship with the internet.”

2. Coding Blocks — Patterns, Architecture, Best Practices, Tips and Tricks for Software, Database, and Web Developers / Engineers

ArleneAndrews — “This is a podcast I found from a list on Free Code Camp. Being a self-taught programmer, this is a great way to get a look at the tools, and the issues, that may come up in the work world. I started on the “Clean Code” series, and my impression was “Where is this information in all of the classes?!” They do an excellent job of presenting not only to experienced developers, but to those of us starting out, as well.”

3. Cortex

flutter_sama — “This podcast is a bit more niche, but I feel like it has changed the way I work and my productivity levels. Definitly recommend it.”

4. WonderBury

Cuterismark — ”Funny and informative, love hearing about all the new technology!”

5. Audio Drama Production Podcast: How to make radio drama, radio plays, & audio fiction

wtfrequency — “A godsend of information. A must listen for those of us making podcasts and those of us that are in love with them.”

That’s all for today, but keep your ear to the ground over the next several days for more info on our digest’s launch, and, as always, check in next week for more Podchaser news. Thanks for reading!


Bradley, Ben, Ryan, Cole, and James