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The Untitled Adventure

Following the Adventures of Hide Seek Inc. and their quest for immeasurable wealth, fame and fresh pants. New episodes every week.

Black History Month (Audio)

In celebration of Black History Month, the Academy of Achievement presents a host of outstanding African American leaders in the arts, sciences, business, sports and public service. Among the most honored and admired men and women of our times, they include heroes of the Civil Rights movement, trailblazing athletes, brilliant musicians, a pioneering neurosurgeon, a Secretary of State, Pulitzer Prize playwrights, a recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature, and a President of the United States. Their words, their music and their stories will enlighten and inspire you to realize the potential that lies within us all. Note: A subset of these tracks is available in SD and HD video. Select SD or HD from the menu on the left to visit the other formats.

Authors and Poets

For 50 years, the Academy of Achievement has invited the world's pre-eminent authors to address its annual Summit. Novelists and playwrights, journalists and historians, critics and humorists, poets and songwriters, essayists and philosophers, all have shared their wisdom with the Academy's honorees and student delegates. Now you can see and hear these presentations, recorded live at the International Achievement Summit. In poetry and prose, these men and women explore the world of nature and the drama of the human condition. Some are creators of fantasy, others are chroniclers of fact; some evoke the nuances of personal experience, others explain the mysteries of the cosmos. Hear their personal accounts of the passions that first inspired them, and the dedication that sustained them as they patiently mastered their art.

Orientamento Area Umanistica

Video interviste per l'orientamento univeristario dell'area umanistica.

Basics of Culinary

Let Master Chef Friedenreich teach you like a pro. In this program, Chef Friedenreich coverss all the basics of knife handling for the professional chef, beginning with the types & styles of knives, the honing process and the proper way to hold the knife.

Lunch Hour Lectures on Tour - 2012 - Audio

During June 2012, UCL’s free, public, Lunch Hour Lectures will be uprooted from their usual residence at UCL and go on tour to The British Museum. This summer series of four Lunch Hour Lectures will feature introductions by British Museum curators, and discuss: new discoveries in Neanderthal excavations; why anyone would want to visit museum collections online; how the smell of historical objects can reveal new information; and how putting artworks under the microscope can help us re-evaluate our knowledge of important pieces.

Campus Report | 2014

Für den »Campus Report« der Baden-Unis Heidelberg, Mannheim, Freiburg und Karlsruhe produziert die Radio-KIT-Redaktion wöchentlich einen populärwissenschaftlichen Beitrag. Die Sendungen laufen montags bis freitags um 19.10 Uhr im Programm von »Radio Regenbogen«.

Women in Entertainment

In recognition of Women's History Month, the Academy of Achievement presents a selection of extraordinary women who have defied expectations, broken boundaries, and made history around the world. They include courageous political leaders and human rights activists, recipients of the Nobel Prize for Literature and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, award-winning actresses, musicians, screenwriters and film directors, as well as outstanding athletes, educators, journalists, explorers, physicians, philanthropists, broadcasters and entrepreneurs. Their words and their example are an inspiration to us all. Note: Additional Women in Entertainment tracks are available in Audio only and a subset are available in HD video. Select Audio or HD from the menu on the left to visit the other formats.

MünchnerUni Magazin

Das Hochschulmagazin für Entscheidungsträger in Politik, Wissenschaft und Verwaltung, für Führungskräfte in Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft, für Freunde und Sponsoren der LMU sowie für die bildungspolitisch interessierte Öffentlichkeit. Es erscheint viermal im Jahr.

Exposition icônes américaines chefs-d'œuvre du SFMOMA et de la collection Fisher

Durant la rénovation du San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, le Grand Palais accueille les oeuvres les plus emblématiques du musée, ainsi que des pièces de la collection Fisher - dont le SF Moma est dépositaire - l'une des collections privées d'art moderne et contemporain les plus importantes du monde. Retrouvez ici les podcasts des rencontres liées à l'exposition

UPMC Vie étudiante

Conférences organisées à l'université P.M. Curie, ouvertes au public.

Feral cities and the scientific way of warfare - Audio

Detail 1: The Complex Terrain Laboratory (CTlab) Detail 2: Battlespace/s Public Lecture Series Detail 3: "A Public Lecture and Open Discussion With Geoff Manaugh (BLDGBLOG) and Antoine Bousquet (BIRKBECK)"

2011 Tony Award Nominees "Cues"

As part of the run up to the 2011 Tony Awards the American Theatre Wing posts videos with "cues" from many Tony Award nominees.

An Unphotographable Podcast

A catalog of exceptional mistakes. Photos never taken that weren't meant to be forgotten. Simple failures. Occasions when I wished I'd taken the picture, or not forgotten the camera, or had been brave enough to click the shutter. For more information, please see

Shakespeare Summer School - Audio

This exciting course was delivered at the UCL’s Bloomsbury Theatre in June 2008. Led by staff ranging from professional theatre practitioners, drama consultants and UCL’s English dept, the course involved practice and theory. Intensive workshops also explored the unique relationship between actor, audience and play text and examine how this relationship shapes the language and dramatic structure of the play.


The School of Architecture at the Academy of Art University is dedicated to advancing the art of architecture. Students are encouraged to explore the visual, functional and compositional possibilities associated with design within our physical, natural and social environments. With an emphasis on design and guided by knowledgeable faculty, the School of Architecture seeks to endow students with valuable professional skills. Design Studios will address the development of sustainable buildings and communities. The academic programs at the architecture school nurture creativity, support artistic vision and integrate critical thinking with technical information, thus preparing students to become active and engaged leaders in the architectural profession.

Cultural Property Conference - Video

UCL's Cultural Property Conference exploring the legal implications and ethical standards involved in the use of cultural property in higher education teaching and research. Speakers of international standing address a range of legal and ethical issues involved in the use of cultural property as a resource for research, teaching and public engagement. They include: * Dr Adriano Aymonino (Commission for Looted Art in Europe) 'Collision, Continuity and Complicity: Academic Authority and the International Art Market' * Professor Lawrence Rothfield (University of Chicago) 'Looting of Antiquities and the International Market: Academic Rights, Responsibilities and Obligations' * Professor Michael Worton (Vice Provost, UCL) 'An Introduction to the UCL Inquiry Report' * Sally MacDonald (Director of Museums and Collections, UCL) 'Introduction to UCL's Cultural Property Policy and Guidelines' * Dr Bernadette Lynch (freelance analyst, lecturer and writer on museology) 'Beyond the object: ethics of engagement'

UCL Slade School of Fine Art BA Summer Show 2008 - Audio

The annual UCL Slade School of Fine Art Undergraduate Summer Show 2008 is one of the highlights of the university's calendar. Director of the UCL Slade School of Fine Art, Professor John Aiken discusses the show.