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Welcome to Buddypal Playpen, a podcast that's scripted, but mostly unscripted. Buddypal Playpen has something for everyone: comedic improv, ASMR, educational value, Q/A, tutorials on how to cook the best of momma's favorite cupcakes, and so much more! Best of all, it's made by BUDDYPAL BRIGADE! Everyone loves Buddypal Brigade! Just give it a listen, and you'll find yourself astrol planing into a universe we've created just for you. Conveniently, you might also find a sandwich in the astrol fridge with your name on it. Don't eat it, that's Zach's. He always forgets about the leftovers and leaves them for other people. Don't worry, Justin can get you something to eat. How about a metaphorical dad talk sandwich covered in--you're vegan? We don't serve vegan food in the astrol plane! What were you thinking coming out here to the Buddypal Brigade astrol plane? Free food? We aren't the church over here man! Get back in your body and find yourself some dang food! If you want to support Buddypal Brigade and Buddypal Playpen, consider donating to us on Patreon @BuddypalBrigade. Otherwise, check out our cartoons on Newgrounds and Youtube @BuddypalBrigade. We'll be waiting for you with your favorite jacket. This has been your only warning.
Hey VIZZIONATORS, welcome back to another milestone of our journey to relax and entertain the world! 🌍 We will publish new content three times a week here, so that you can enjoy them without paying attention to the videos. ✨ (Publishing at: 9PM CEST) For all the people who are new to this channel, here: we are 2 guys doing relaxing videos (called ASMR). Our main channel is YouTube, feel free to check it out. Just look for: VIZZION ASMR. If you are interested in Paul's and Gusti's life, check their Instagram Accounts: 👉🏼Paul: @paulmxller ( 👉🏼Gusti: @gusmaster2000
Sounds of the Birds is a unique multi-sensory experience. Spellbinding animations from Sheffield-based design team Human are combined with Messiaen’s Catalogue d’Oiseaux - an ambitious suite of music that reproduces the songs of different birds.  From the brightly insistent call of the skylark to the menacing tones of the tawny owl, Olivier Messiaen’s Catalogue d’Oiseaux reproduces the songs of different birds, vividly capturing their interactions with a series of stunning French landscapes. Our adventure through science, music, nature and imagination is led by Tim Birkhead (ornithologist and Professor of Behavioural Ecology at the University of Sheffield).
Whispered ramblings & readings to help you sleep
What is ASMR? Can you learn it? Can you get better at it? What causes it? We sure as heck don’t know, so we’ve decided to embark on a quest to find out! We'll read Wikipedia, review ASMR videos, and delve into the darkest corners of the net to discover the dread secrets behind those tingles. Sit back, relax, and help us figure out just how deep this rabbit hole goes.
Download episodes and listen whenever/wherever you want. New episodes every Monday & Wednesdays @ 7pm eastern time.
ASMR Sleep Recordings is a podcast that creates audio experiences designed to help people sleep and relax. The show uses various ASMR triggers including whispers, gentle speaking, relaxing background noise, like rain, and general ambiance to help people unwind and relax from their busy lives. Our goal is to create the best ASMR content possible. Whether you enjoy the sound of the waves of a beach, snow crunching on a mountain, or whispered storytelling, ASMR Sleep Recordings. Contact:
ASMRtist reading creepy fairy tales, the horrors of HP Lovecraft, and old classics in soft spoken and whisper ASMR. Donate to: Or join me at You are the reason I make ASMR and I am overwhelmed by your support every single day. Thank you, thank you, thank you
Relaxing ASMR audio content from a range of ASMRtists
The Art & Science of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

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